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A Bassett Book:  Containing Early History and Genealogy of the Bassett Family, together with a Biography and Genealogy of Lemuel Bassett and his Descendants by Wheeler A. Bassett. Published by the author, 1928. Small hardcover, 102 pages, some illustrations. No ISBN.

A collection of addresses, papers and research presented at Bassett family decade gatherings of 1897 and later, and some of the author’s own work.  The genealogy of Lemuel Bassett of New York, his ancestors from Connecticut and Wales, and his descendants make up the bulk of the book’s contents.

While many errors of the kind found in pre-Revolutionary family history researched in this period are present, the information concerning Bassett family members for the century preceding publication is probably accurate.

The size of the print run of this book in unknown. One copy of A Bassett Book seems to come on the market every five to eight years.

An Updated Bassett Family History by ? - writeup to come







Basset Charters, c. 1120 to 1250 by William T. Reedy, PhD. Published by the Pipe Roll Society as its New Series No. 50, 1995. Mid-sized hardcover, xxxix + 225 pages, including illustrations of several charters and a seal. ISBN 0901134120.

“The Basset family probably produced more royal servants in England, from the reign of Henry I until 1250, than any other family.”  So begins this annotated collection of 288 charters (original language texts and modern English summaries) involving 25 of the 27 or more Bassets who served these six Norman and Plantagenet kings. Particularly valuable to those researching Basset family history are the brief biographies given of these 25 and a three table descent chart showing the principal family branches.

Notable among those discussed in this volume are colleagues Sir Ralph Basset and Sir Geoffrey Ridel (royal justices), their children Sir Richard Basset (Justiciar of England) and Maud Ridel who married each other, early ancestors of the Basset English and British peerages, and Alan and Thomas Basset (allies of the Crown named in Magna Carta). References in the catalogued charters substantiate the tabulated relationships.

Dr. Reedy, a historian and professor retired from the State University of New York, is the leading authority on Bassets of the 12th and 13th centuries.  He is now working on Basset Charters II, a companion volume containing the charters of two other high-profile Basset royal servants of the time: Fulk Basset (d. 1259), Bishop of London, and his brother Philip Basset (d. 1271), Baron of Wycombe and Justiciar of England.

450 copies of Basset Charters were printed, most of which are now in research libraries and antiquarians’ collections.

The Bassett Family, Lynn, Massachusetts to Salem County, New Jersey, 1624-1964 by Catherine Soleman Chandler - writeup to come







The Bassetts - Leighton Buzzard's First Family by Maureen Brown & June Masters - writeup to come







Bassett-Preston Ancestors by Belle Preston - writeup to come







Bassetts of Tittensor - 100 Years of Transport 1897-1997 by Ron Phillips and Gordon Baron published Bassett Group Holdings, Tittensor, Stoke on Trent June 1997 - writeup to come







Basset Women by Grace McClure - writeup to come







Descendants of Johannes Servic (Zerbe) and Allied Lines by Arleen Melvin Smith - writeup to come







Descendants of Thomas Bassett & Other Relatives by Charles L. Bassett - writeup to come







Forgotten Shrines by Dom Bede Camm published 1910 by Ballantyne & Co Ltd pp 17, 35, 60 and Appendix B concern William Bassett of Blore d. 1601 - writeup to come







Genealogy of Arvine Alonzo Bassett and Annie McBoyle Bassett, Descendants of William Bassett Who came to the Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts in January 1621, on the ship Fortune Compiled by a grand-daughter Enid Hennessey, Fort Worth, Texas, 1949 - writeup to come







Hero of Hispaniola: America's First Black Diplomat, Ebenezer D. Bassett by Christopher Teal published 2008 by Praeger Publishers

We know Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice as two of today's most high-profile African American political figures, but who paved the way for these notable diplomats? More than one hundred and thirty years ago, Ebenezer D. Bassett served as the first black United States ambassador. In the midst of the aftermath of the Civil War, the U.S. government broke the color barrier by naming this leading educator, abolitionist, and activist to the controversial post of ambassador to the hemisphere's Black Republic - Haiti. For the first time, a nation founded on the principle that "all men are created equal" would have as its representative abroad someone previously less than equal under the law. This movement toward equality proved to be a force impossible to turn back, leading to a wider acceptance of blacks in U.S. foreign policy. This book lays bare the struggles Bassett faced as a pioneer of one the most controversial subjects in America's history: racial integration.

This book highlights Bassett's achievements, which directly contributed to the racial revolution in the U.S. These include being appointed the first African American diplomat and chief of a U.S. diplomatic mission, leading the integration of public schools, and fighting for equal rights alongside revolutionaries such as Frederick Douglass. Bassett played a critical role in foreign affairs during the late 19th century, the formative years of American expansionism in Latin America and the Caribbean. 2008 marks the 100th anniversary of Bassett's death. Though he is long forgotten by history, his legacy as an innovator, activist, and diplomat lives on, and his life story--a tale of intelligence, integrity, and bravery--serves as an inspiration to patriotic Americans of all races and backgrounds. Hero of Hispaniola secures Bassett's legacy as the first African American political figure, a man who not only altered the American political structure, but led the way for all future civil rights advocates to follow.

Available at http://www.amazon.com/Hero-Hispaniola-Americas-Diplomat-Ebenezer/dp/0313351953/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1218899209&sr=8-2 and http://www.greenwood.com/catalog/C35195.aspx the latter has it availalbe as an eBook.


History of the Edgecomb, Bassitt, and Snyder Families of Allen County, Ohio - writeup to come







History and Genealogy of William Bassett and Margaret McQuiddy and Their Descendants - writeup to come







Homeplace, the Bassetts of Fort Valley, Georgia by Sue Bassett Folawn - writeup to come







Joseph Bassett Englishman and American, 1839-1916 by Barbara Metzger Anderson - writeup to come







Keeneland's Ted Bassett: My Life by James E. “Ted” Bassett III

"Keeneland's Ted Bassett" is the story of James E. “Ted” Bassett III, the man whose name is most frequently linked with Keeneland's extraordinary history and success. Bassett came to the storied racetrack in 1968, after he served in the U.S. Marine Corps and as director of the Kentucky State Police. As president and chairman of the board of trustees at Keeneland, Bassett became a highly respected figure within the global thoroughbred industry, creating close and professional relationships with state and government officials domestic and abroad, including Queen Elizabeth II, Ronald Reagan and the Maktoum family of Dubai. He retired in 2001 and serves as trustee emeritus.

Written with two-time Eclipse Award winning racing journalist Bill Mooney, "Keeneland's Ted Bassett" is a valuable portrait of the Sport of Kings for racing aficionados and historians. Documenting the private details that shaped Bassett's public achievements, the autobiography offers a unique insight into the world of horse racing and the shaping of both Keeneland and an entire industry.

The King, The Crown and The Duchy of Lancaster 1399 - 1461 Helen Castor published by Oxford University Press 2000 many references to Bassetts of Blore. - writeup to come







A Krouse Family in America by Thomas E. Krouse - writeup to come







The Lisle Letters edited by Muriel St. Clare Byrne published by The University of Chicago 1982 - extensive references - writeup to come







One Bassett Family In America by Buell Burdett Bassette - writeup to come







The Queen's Wards - Wardship and Marriage under Elizabeth I by Professor Joel Hurstfield published 1958 pp.301-4 contains the account of the wardship of Elizabeth Bassett of Blore - writeup to come







Swinscoe, Blore and the Bassetts  by David and Martine Swinscoe. Photographs by Anthony Blore. Published by Churnet Valley Books, 1998. Large format paperback, 200 pages, numerous illustrations.  ISBN 1897949413.

The first half of this work is devoted to the history of two Staffordshire villages, Swinscoe and Blore. The second half details the family history of the Bassetts of Blore, beginning with Sir John Basset of Cheadle and Blore (d. 1411), and continuing through the last Bassett to represent this line, Sir John’s sixth great-grand daughter Elizabeth, Lady Cavendish (d. 1643).

The Bassetts of Blore were a junior branch of the Bassets of Sapcote, heirs of their cousins the Bassets of Parkhill. The cadet lines of this branch include the Bassets of Brailsford, the Bassets of Fauld and the Bassetts of Hints. Lady Elizabeth is an ancestress of HM the Queen (of Great Britain and Northern Ireland).

Mr. Swinscoe is the recognized authority on this history, having invested several decades in researching primary records to bring this branch of the family to light.

Swinscoe, Blore and the Bassetts is recently out of print, but new copies can still be found through some booksellers. David Swinscoe continues his research, and may release an updated edition in future.

Tehidy and the Bassetts the rise and fall of a great Cornish family by Michael Tangye - writeup to come







The Two Families of Sarah Ann Brennan-Baker - writeup to come







Wealth and Power in Tudor England Essays presented to S.T. Bindoff edited by E.W. Ives, R.J. Knecht, J.J. Scarsibrick published by Univ of London 1978 pp31-44 contains account of the abduction and forceful marriage of Margaret Kebell nee Bassett - writeup to come