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These stories tend to be too long for inclusion in the newsletter. To make it easier on both the founder and the webmaster, they will be posted in pdf format. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download it free. For the present, the stories will not be alphabetized, instead being in the order of most recent posted, with the oldest at the bottom. If the file is more than 1meg, the size will be shown.

3 Sep 2016 - The Muddle by Bill Orr (updated 16 Aug 2018)
13 Nov 2012 - William Edward Bassett 25 Dec 1851 - 11 Jan 1919 by Teresa Bassett,
18 Apr 2011 - Two Families: The Falling and the Rising Wave - A Study in Social Mobility by Dr H.T. Betteridge
7 Jan 2010 - Seth Albert Bassett Bio by Walter Wesley Smith
17 Jul 2010 - Welsh Pedigrees in the Golden Grove book (including Bassett) - by David Attride (html, not pdf)
7 Jul 2010 - Bassetts of St. Mary Hill, Glamorgan, Wales - updated by David Attride
7 Jul 2010 - Bassetts of St. Mary Hill, Glamorgan, Wales - references by David Attride - this is a Powerpoint file containing reference material (scans of census records, etc.) that provide supporting evidence for the article, 3.8megs
9 Mar 2010 - Bassetts of Newport & St Arvans, Monmouthshire, Wales by David Attride
17 Jan 2010 - Bassetts of Carmarthenshire, Wales by David Attride
20 Nov 2009 - Bassetts of St. Mary Hill, Glamorgan, Wales by David Attride
5 May 2008 - Bassett Bros. Stage Line (4meg)
5 May 2008 - William Henry Bassett by grandson William (Bill) Kay Bassett