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Newsletter April 2003

Welcome to the April Edition of the Bassett Family Newsletter - DNA update.

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Work continues on our Bassett DNA testing project. These are the current outstanding DNA tests waiting to be returned to the lab:

#39B Heman Bassett, possibly the son of Samuel Chipman Bassett and his second wife Anna Harmon
#27B Francis W. Bassett of Ireland (b. 1813)
#59B William Henry Bassett of Louisiana
#2B Descendants of Russell Bassett of Kentucky (possibly son of John and Nancy Comer Bassett)
#8B John Bassett of Hunterdon County, NJ (Pennsylvania branch)
#153B The Bassetts of East Malling Kent
#28B John Bassett of Matthews County, Virginia

Here are the tests currently at the lab.
#33B William P. Bassett of New York
#66B Bassetts of Lavernock, Glamorgan, Wales (Our first KNOWN Bassetts from Wales)
#9B Thomas Bassett of Matthews County, Virginia

I am expecting #9B and #28B to match, but don't know which other Bassett line they might match to.

I am hoping the #66B Bassetts of Wales matches the #25B, #93B, #19B, #8B, #12B and #46B line (all of whom match). Information seems to suggest that these lines originated in Wales.

Now for an update on the William Bassett of Plymouth (Fortune 1621) line.
#38B James Bassett of Vermont/NY/Indiana matched this line 12/12.

Of more significant interest to us is the match of 11/12 to the #34B Bassetts of County Down, Ireland. This means that our William Bassett of Plymouth and the Bassetts of County Down shared a common ancestor. Is our William Bassett really from Ireland or are the County Down Bassetts from England? More research needs to be done on the County Down Bassetts to help us determine this. Everett Bassett from the #27B line was visiting County Down this past week. Hopefully he may have uncovered some information for us about these Bassetts. My records on the County Down Bassetts only go back to about 1800. It is interesting to note also that in addition to being in County Down, the DNA test taker lives in New Zealand and another branch lives in Illinois!

I continue to add about 1 new DNA test subject per week. My emphasis now is getting new branches of the family from list of unconnected families to take part.

Thank you to the few of you that sent money (no amount too small) to help pay for the cost of additional tests. I had enough money to offset the cost of three new tests in the past two months.

My emphasis for the next two month's is to line up a few Bassetts still living in England. I have early contact with female lines of Bassetts from Leicester, Stafford and Norfolk in England as well as line of Bassetts with roots in Kent that settled in New Zealand and hope to get someone from each of these lines to participate in the month or so.

Here are the latest results. Due to lack of time, our website is slightly behind in posting results, but we hope to keep it up to date.

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