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Newsletter July 2003

Thank you to all of the new participants of the Bassett DNA study. Our total number of tests sent out to date are at 83 making us one of the largest DNA family projects at FamilyTreeDNA.

The following are a list of the tests not yet received back from participants. It only takes a few minutes to complete your test. Please get them sent in as soon as possible.

#11722 Bassetts of South Carolina
#10280 Bassetts of Maine
#10154 Bassetts of Kokomo, Indiana descended from Bassetts of Augusta, Georgia
#10037 #3B Thomas Bassett of Connecticut
#9466 Descendant of Heman A. Bassett
#9266 #59B William Henry Bassett of Louisiana

Thank you also to those Bassetts who donated money in the past three months. We funded three more tests with money received from different parties. If you had someone else pay for your test or are new to the distribution list and want to fund a test for your line, please contact me. I have received anywhere from $10 up to the full amount for tests from different parties (I have even funded 5 tests myself).

Following are tests at the lab that we are still awaiting results on:

#10383 #1A William Bassett of Plymouth through son Bernard Handy Bassett
#9882 #2B Thomas Bassett of Virginia through Henry Wilson Bassett
#9336 #27B Francis W. Bassett of Ireland and Wheeling, West Virginia


Here are some observations from our testing:

(1) We have identified at least a dozen different Bassett family lines with roots mostly in England. These are identified by the different colors at the website and the enclosed excel spreadsheet listing our most recent results.

(2) Test #9594 through Russell Bassett of Kentucky, long thought to be a son of John Bassett and Nancy Comer of the #3B Thomas Bassett family, shows through DNA testing to actually belong to the William Bassett of Plymouth family line. (Yellow) This family has been reclassified as #106B.

(3) #107B Jemima Bassett of Michigan has been reclassified to family #165B. Through DNA testing, we have figured out that this family descends through George C. Bassett of NY.

(4) We previously had #3385 William Bassett of Lynn matching #5703 William/Elias Bassett of Ohio. These two lines immgrated to the U.S. about 200 years apart from each other. #7997 Joseph Bassett of Uxbridge also belongs to this family. He is most likely a grandson or great-grandson of William Bassett of Lynn. More work needs to be done here to figure out the exact relationship. #9597 James Bassett of London matches this family also. This is a Bassett who currently lives in New Zealand.

(5) The two families with roots in Norfolk, England (#36B and #39B) matched. With this information along with other information we have found, we have now linked these two families and they both now show as family #39B.

(6) Test #9197 for William P. Bassett of New York shows to match those other descendants of William Bassett of Plymouth (yellow). We have not yet determined the exact relationship, but it appears he may be a son of Sylvanus Bassett of New York. #7099 #24B Isaac Bassett of Newton County, Indiana may also be a son of this Sylvanus. Census information supports this placement as well as DNA results, but nothing other than census information is known about Sylvanus Bassett.

(7) We had another match #9718 to the Thomas Bassett of Virginia family.

(8) Both of the Bassetts from Mathews County, Virginia matched (#8385 and #8000) but didn't match any other Bassett lines. I am currently trying to find a male descendant of a third Bassett family from this to take part in our project.

(9) #9571 #150B David Bassett of Grand Isle Co, VT matches the other families from Cornwall. This probably makes him a descendant of #3B Thomas Bassett of Connecticut. More work needs to be done on this branch to find the connection.

(10) #9144 for #66B Lewis Bassett of Glamorgan, Wales firmly established this list of families as Bassetts from Wales. #12B Elias Bassett, son of Oliver Bassett has also been placed into this group. There is a possibility that #3143 #25 George W. Bassett of IN and #7446 #12B Elias Bassett and #5914 #46B Isaac Newton Bassett lines are brothers, all sons of Oliver Bassett. This Oliver in turn could well be a descendant of #7204 #19B Michael Bassett of NY City who had descendants living in the Albany, New York area.

(11) #3225 #131B Frederick Bassett and #4998 #7B William Bassett both matched test #8608 #153 Benajmin Bassett who had roots in Kent, England. A descendant of this family taking part in our testing is now living in Canada.


Use of 25 marker test in helping determine placement of family.

Four of us descended from William Bassett of Plymouth have upgraded out 12 marker test to a 25 marker test. We have at least one descendant of each of William's sons that have upgraded. We are hoping that by doing this, those families in the yellow group that show descent from William Bassett of Plymouth might be placed into a family. If you are one of the Bassetts from this group and we currently still don't know how you connect to William Bassett of Plymouth, contact me to discuss upgrading of your test. The more people that we upgrade, the better off we will be in trying to place families. At this point, I do not recommond uprgrading for the other family lines, but several other have also done so, so if you are interested, let me know. Someday it would be nice (and helpful to the project) to have all of the tests upgraded to the 25 marker test.


I am actively looking (though not too hard during the summer) for a male from 10 other family lines to take part in our project. I have offers from two people to pay for these tests if I can find a male willing to take part.


Updates to the web page have lagged, and I apologize for that. This project has taken a huge time commitment and I am working full time and raising four children (10, 13, 15, 19) so don't have as much time to get those updated. At some point we will need to upgrade the web site to include results from the 25 marker tests, but for now those are not included. I will also add them to the spreadsheet hopefully by the time of our next newsletter, probably in September.


I have also thought about adding interesting new finds to the end of this newsletter about new branches of the family. During the past month I have placed 5 different family lines that used to be unclassified and linked them to the Bessette family of Canada. In addition, I have a new French Bassett line, Bassetts from Syria who settled in Ohio and West Virginia, and a new Bassett line with roots in London now living in Brazil. We even have information now on three different Bassett lines with African - American roots. I hope to find someone from at least one of these lines to also take part. In two of the cases, these families show in census records living with or near white Bassetts in the South. It would be interesting to find out if they are related. We also have two Bassett families that are listing with Indian tribes and would also be interesting to find out if they are truly American natives or married into the Indian tribe at some point and have English Bassett roots.


As always, if you want to be removed for the update, just let me know, although if you have read this far down, you are probably interested enough in the Bassett family history to receive these updates 4 to 6 times per year.

Would anyone be interested in a National Bassett family reunion where we can all get together and meet, do some research and share information on our families? The last National Bassett Reunion was held in 1997 in Salt Lake City. Since many of us have roots in New England, it might be nice to hold a reunion in 2004 or 2005 somewhere in Massachusetts or Connecticut. If anyone would be interested in hosting this reunion, please let me know. Also let me know if you would possibly be interested in attending.


Jeffrey Bassett
520 Salceda Drive
Mundelein, IL 60060
(847) 949-1443
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