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Newsletter September 2003

Contents of this Newsletter:

(1) Welcome to new members
(2) Updates to the web site and new information to be found at the web site
(3) New family lines combined or added since the last newsletter
(4) DNA tests still outstanding
(5) 12-marker to 25-marker upgrade status
(6) Future emphasis of the DNA project
(7) Update on my Bassett research


Section 1 - Welcome to new members

First, I want to welcome the hundred or more new recipients of my Bassett family newsletter detailing results of my research and DNA project testing. There are now over 200 Bassetts and Bassett researchers on the mailing list. This includes anyone that I have exchanged information with over the past 10 years that has a current e-mail address. The newsletter comes out the third Sunday every other month. If you do not want to be on the mailing list, please let me know!

Our Bassett DNA testing project continues to grow. We are now up to 94 participants and are one of the 10 largest family group projects at FamilyTreeDNA.


Section 2 - Updates to the web site and new information to be found at the web site.

Next, I want everyone to know about changes to our Bassett website. Results will still be posted at the following site, but a link from this site is now included to go a different site to get more details about the DNA project. Here is our main site.


New information can be seen at the following location:


A current spreadsheet of results can be found at:


From this web page you should be able to print or download the spreadsheet. You can also click on any kit number to see the lineage of the person from that line who submitted the test. For my line, click on the #2721 from the spreadsheet to see the following page:


I have so far included 15 lineages. If your lineage is not yet out there, and you send it to me in the format shown for the others, I will get it included as soon as possible. Otherwise I will slowly include those as time permits.


Section 3 - New family lines combined or added since the last newsletter

The following two family lines were found to be descended from the #14B Jean Besset of Canada family and have been combined into that family line.

78B. Joseph Bassett of Prescott, Faribault County, Minnesota (b. 1850 PA)
82B. Israel Bassett of Fond Du Lac County, Wisconsin (b. 1837, Montreal)

The following family lines have been added since the last newsletter.

78B. Jane Bassett of Holsworthy, Devon, England (b. 1832 in Cornwall)
82B. William D. Bassett of Bermondsey, Surrey (b. 1831, England)
214B. Louis Bassett of Illinois and Nebraska (b. 1833 in France)
215B. Bassett Corbin - born 1855 in Indiana
216B. John Bassett of London, England (b. 1810's)
217B. Mathew Bassett of Marblehead, Essex County, MA (m. 1763)
218B. The Bassetts of Worcester & Middlesex County, Massachusetts
219B. Benjamin Bassett of England & Prince Albert, Saskatchewan (b. 1888)
220B. The Bassetts of Eardisland, Hereford, England
221B. Ralph Bassett of Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
222B. Steven Bassett of Farnborough, Kent, England (b. about 1720)


(4) DNA tests still outstanding

We continue to add about one new DNA project participant per week. Outstanding tests as of today are:

Kit #9466 #1A William Bassett of Plymouth through Heman Bassett son Samuel C. Bassett
Kit #10037 #3B Thomas Bassett of Connecticut through Henry Bassett
Kit #11776 #101B John L. Bassett of Hamilton County, Ohio
Kit #11777 #41B Simon Bassett of Connecticut
Kit # 11887 #34B Bassetts of County Down, Ireland
Kit #13274 #39B Bassetts of Norfolk, England
Kit # 13396 #54B Edward Bassett of England and New York
Kit #13485 #1A William Bassett of Plymouth through Samuel Bassett of Ohio

Tests returned to the lab and still awaiting results are:

10 12-marker to 25-marker upgrades
Kit # 9266 #59B William Henry Bassett of Louisiana
Kit #11888 #91B James Bassett of North Carolina
Kit #12030 #92B William Bassett of South Carolina
Kit # 12161 #116B Thomas Bassett of Wales
Kit #12416 #218B William Bassett of Worcester County, Massachusetts
Kit #12609 #65B George Bassett of Pittsburgh


Section 5 - 12 marker to 25 marker upgrade status

In the last newsletter, I mentioned this part of the project. Since the 25 marker test gives us much better information than the 12 marker test (25 marker test was not available when we first started our DNA testing), a decision has been made to have all new tests start with the 25 marker test.

In addition, upgrades are completed or in process for all of the descendants of #1A William Bassett of Plymouth. Results from 10 of these upgrades have come in during the past week and I have not yet had time to look at the results in detail, but it looks like the data should be very helpful in determining possible relationships between DNA test takers. For example, it was thought based on research, that #24 Isaac Bassett of Newton County, Indiana is a son of Sylvanus Bassett of New York. It is also thought that #33B William P. Bassett of New York is also a son of this same Sylvanus. Not only did these two tests match 12/12, but they also matched 25/25 showing a close family relationship! Once the four outstanding 12-marker to 25-marker upgrades are complete as well as the results for three more William Bassett of Plymouth descendants are known, I will put a chart together mapping out the results of this family line.

Due to the added value of the 25 marker test in helping in our research, I am asking everyone to upgrade from the 12-marker test to the 25-marker test if possible. There is an additional cost. Please contact me if you are interested. You can either order the upgrade yourself through the www.FamilytreeDNA.com website (using your kit # and password provided when they mailed you your results) or I can enter the order for you.


Section 6 - Future emphasis of the DNA project

Now that we have quite a few results in our database, we need to begin finding Bassetts with known roots in England, Wales, Ireland or France, that would be interested in taking part in our project. I have added about a dozen new Bassetts living in England to our distribution list. Hopefully some of them will be interested.

If you are a male Bassett and are interested in taking part in our project, but haven't participated because of the cost, please let me know. Through donations, we have funded 10 tests over the past year.

If you are from a female line related to the Bassetts, and you are willing to fund a test for a related male Bassett but don't know of one, let me know. I will help you find a related male Bassett cousin.

I have also linked about 10 different Bassett families to the Jean Besset of Canada line. I have not yet found a Bassett/Bessette from this family to take part. In addition, we have another new family with roots in France that settled in Nebraska. It would be interesting to see if these two families are related at all (and if they are related to any of the Bassett lines of Great Britain).


Section 7 - Update on my Bassett research

I receive anywhere from 10 to 30 e-mails each week regarding the Bassett family. I also have a stack of about 1,000 pages of correspondence from the past 3 years that I still need to get typed into my database. If you have corresponded with me in the past and have new information to provide, please send me an e-mail. If you are waiting for a return e-mail from me but have not heard back and it has been more than two months, send me an e-mail with a reminder of what you were looking for.

The next newsletter will be the third Sunday of November.

Jeffrey Bassett
520 Salceda Drive
Mundelein, IL 60060 USA
bassettgenealogy@hotmail.com (home)