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Bonus Newsletter November 2004
Update on the Bassetts of Devon & Cornwall

Just an update on the Bassetts of Devon & Cornwall As many of you know, our paper trail for the #22B Bassett family starts with RIchard Bassett of Ashwater, Devon. Of the two DNA participants from this family, the two that moved to Australia and New Zealand (tests #7104 and #18661) have now matched a different line, the #241B Bassetts of Bude & Stratton, Cornwall.

A third line of the family settled in the United States and did not match the others. We now have two more participants from the line that moved to the U.S., one still living in Devon and one living in Pennsylvania. I am most anxious to see the results of their tests too!

What this means is that the Bassetts of Ashwater, Devonshire (#22B) and the Bassetts of St. Stephens by Launceston & Stratton, Cornwall (#241B) share a common ancestor.


22B. Richard Bassett

Richard Bassett married Cherity Fray on 23 Jun 1706 in Ashwater. They had the following children.

+ 22B1. Richard Bassett - christened 10 Feb 1708 in Ashwater, buried 16 May 1750, married Elizabeth.

Here are the results for this line of the family.

This new #241 family is shown below for the first few generations.


241B. William Bassett

William Bassett was born in 1825 in St. Stephens by Launceston, Cornwall. He married Mary Ann Pethick in Jun 1850 in St. Stephens by Launceston, Cornwall. She was born 30 Aug 1829.

1841 British Census of New Churches, St. Stephens by Launceston, Cornwall

1851 British Census of Landgon, St. Stephens by Launceston, Cornwall

1871 British Census of Stratton, Cornwall
Wm Bassett 46 M Head S. Stephens, Cornwall Canal Lab
Margt 41 F Wife S. Anns Hill, Cornwall
Wm 8 M Son Longstone, Cornwall Sch
Thos 3 M Son Longstone, Cornwall
Wm Dinner 65 M Boarder Clifton, Devonshire Mason

1881 British Census of Lunstone, Stratton, Cornwall
William Bassett 57 M Head St. Stephens, Cornwall General Labourer
Mary Ann 54 F Wife Stratton, Cornwall

1881 British Census of Lunstone, Stratton, Cornwall
Richard Petherick 68 M Head Stratton, Cornwall General Labourer
Maria 61 F Wife Stratton, Cornwall
Richard 15 M Son Stratton, Cornwall

1891 British Census of Linstone Cottage, Bude, Cornwall

241B1. Ann Bassett - born 1850.

241B2. William Bassett - born Sep 1862.

+ 241B3. John Thomas Bassett - born 1867 in Stratton, Cornwall, married Clara.


241B3. John Thomas Bassett, son of William Bassett

John Thomas Bassett, son of William and Mary Ann (Pethick) Bassett, was born about 1867 in Stratton, Cornwall. He married Clara Toms, daughter of Jane Toms, in 1887. Her mother was listed as a widow by 1871. In 1861, Jane Toms was listed as a master Mariners wife. According to a great-grandson, this John built the stone church still standing in Bude, Cornwall, England.

1881 British Census of Hellscott, North Petherwyn, Devon
James Dinner 36 M Head Laneast, Cornwall Mason
Fanny 39 F Wife Stratton, Cornwall
William 9 M Son Bude, Cornwall Scholar
James 6 M Son N. Petherwin, Devon Scholar
Frederick 4 M Son N. Petherwin, Devon
Blanch 1 F Daughter N. Petherwin, Devon
John Adams 18 M Other Ashwater, Devon Mason
Thomas Bassett 13 M Other Bude, Cornwall Mason's Apprentice

1891 British Census of Stratton, Cornwall
John Thomas Bassett 23 M Head Stratton, Cornwall Mason
Clara 31 F Wife
John Thomas 3 M Son

1901 British Census of Bude, Cornwall
John Bassett 33 M Bude, Cornwall Stone Mason
Clara 40 F Bude, Cornwall
John 13 M Bude, Cornwall
William 5 F Bude, Cornwall

+ 241B1. John Thomas Bassett - born about 1887 in England, married Reba Johnson.

241B2. William Hugh Bassett - stayed in Bude, Cornwall.