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Splinters From The Tree June 2006

(1) Welcome
(2) Bassetts of Northern New York: Nothern New York Library Network
(3) A.L. & F. P. Bassett of Cleveland, Ohio, Hat Dealers
(4) Billy Bassett, English Association footballer
(5) New family lines combined or added since the last newsletter
(6) DNA project update

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Section 1 - Welcome

Work has begun to create a new Bassett Family Association website. Check it out at the link below.


We are in the process of creating a new website for our Bassett genealogy project and family association. Suggestions are welcome for this new site.

Look for some changes to the way the newsletter is delivered starting next month. Instead of sending you the newsleter via e-mail, we will post the newsletter to the website first and just send an e-mail letting you know the newsletter is available with a link to the website. This should help for those whose mailbox size doesn't always allow the newsletter to come through. You should be able to print the newsletter from the website.

Plans continue for a Bassett Family Reunion in August of 2007 in the Boston, Massachusetts area. We have found a possible hotel for this meeting called The Constitution Inn located in the Charlestown Naval Yard. I will hopefully have more details next month.

Thanks to following for donations to the Bassett DNA project this month.
Barbara Bassett $15

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Section 2 - Featured Bassett: Bassetts of Northern New York

Anyone that has Bassett ancestors from Northern New York might find the following link useful. Many of the newspapers from Northern New York are now searchable through the following link.


Click on the NNY Historical Newspapers link.

Currently the following newspapers can be searched.

Adirondack Record-Elizabethtown Post, 1917-1971
Akwesasne Indian Time, 1982-2002
Canton Commercial Advertiser, 1900-1952
Elizabethtown Post, 1882-1920
Fort Covington Sun, 1887-1987
Fulton Patriot, 1916-1954
Lake Placid News, 1914-1951
Lowville Journal & Republican, 1860-1940 Expanded coverage
Malone Farmer, 1900-1936
Malone Franklin Gazette, 1876-1899
Plattsburgh Republican, 1811-1820
Plattsburgh Sentinel, 1866-1931
Potsdam Herald-Recorder, 1906-1951
Potsdam St. Lawrence Herald, 1897-1904
St. Regis Falls Adirondack News, 1887-1933
Saranac Lake Adirondack Daily Enterprise, 1948-1976
Ticonderoga Sentinel, 1874-1950
Watertown Herald, 1886-1918

Out of the hundreds of news articles on the Bassett family, two are included below.

Daniel Bassett is a descendant of #1A William Bassett of Plymouth as follows:

William Bassett and wife Elizabeth
Joseph Bassett and wife Mary Latham
William Bassett and wife Mary Bumpas
Seth Bassett and wife Sabra Hulet
Daniel Bassett

The Malone Farmer, Wednesday, 2 Sep 1908

        The seventh annual reunion of the Bassett family was held at Foresters' hall in this village, Tuesday, August 25th, and 57 descendants of the late Daniel Bassett were present and participated in the festivities. A very find dinner was served and everyboyd had a good time. Ever year the Bassett descendants meet at some point in this vicinity. Daniel Bassett was one of the pioneers of Constable. He came to this county from Hinesburgh, Vt., bringing his family, consisting of his wife and twelve children in an ox cart. Several of the children settled in this immediate vicinity and their descendants are many. Nearly all present Tuesday were from Malone and adjoining communities. Henry Carpenter and daughter, Mrs. Rose-Lewis of Pasadena, Calif., and Mrs. Frank Atwood, of Burlington, Vt., where among those who attended from out of the state.

Joseph Bassett is a descendant of #14B Jean Besset as follows:

Jean Besset
Francois Besset and wife Marie Claude Dubois
Clement Bessette and wife Marie Charlotte Lamourex
Jean Francois Bessette and wife Marie Charlotte Desroches
Jean Marie Bessette and wife Marie Daniel
Joseph Bassett

        Tuesday, 24 July 1923
        Plattsburgh Sentinel

        A gathering of great interest took place July 19, on the Bassett farm on Pleasant street, Saranac, N.Y., when the Bassett family, descendants of the late Joseph Bassett held a family reunion. The original family, Mrs. A. Perry of Manchester, N.H., J.N. Bassett of Lena, Wisconsin, Mrs. L. Valade of Burlington, Vt., B.S. Bassett of San Jose, Calif., Charles Bassett of living in the old homestead and Mrs. I. L. Paddock of Antioch, Ill, were all there with many of their children and grandchildren, in all numbering fifty-six.
        Although living in states from the Atlantic to the Pacific, it took only about three months for the planning and gathering to take place. It has been nearly forty years since the six brothers and sisters were last together at the old farm.
        The day opened beautifully with a cool breeze blowing from the west, the sun shining, making a day such as is typical of the Adirondack region. At 11 o'clock the members of the party living within 50 miles began to arrive and at 12:30 everyone had arrived. Many had never seen one another, so there had to be introductions and a preliminary getting acquainted, the gong sounded and all repaired to the large dining room where several tables were set. The dinner was something to be remembered and showed that the art of cooking is an art cherished and practiced by the many members of their family.
        The old homestead took on the appearance of nearly half a century ago when the "boys and girls" started the old games that were the source of much amusement when as bare-footed children they were developing themselves into the fine citizens that represent all parts of this country. Many games brought out the clashes between the young and the old which added to the enjoyment of everyone, made the old feet young and displayed the evidence of that fine spirit, courage, cheerfulness which induced these people to travel thousands of miles to bring this grand reunion about.
        The Perry family and descendants consisting of four members of which Mrs. Perry is the senior member of the Bassett family live in Manchester, N.H. Mrs. Perry left the old homestead at the time of her marriage and specialized in farming for several years culminating this work with the sale of their magnificent suburban property near Manchester, H.H.
        After this they became extensive real estate and apartment house operators in Manchester and are at present engaged in this business. The descendants of this family are one son, Bernard Perry, his wife, and a grandchild, Bernard Joseph.
        Next in the order of age is J.N. Bassett whose family and descendants are an important factor in the population of Lena, Wisconsin, a town that has grown up about the little telegraph office in which J.N. Bassett started as an operator of the Morse code, the successful career which has been his good fortune to develop. At the present time Mr. Bassett is the owner and operator of extensive business property in the town and excellent farm lands, modernized and improved under his supervision, in the suburban territory. His business property consists of typical Western grain elevators, wholesale and retail farm produce stores, and a modern well equipped garage, repair shop and sales department which is acclaimed one of the finest in the state.
        Some of the public town improvements which Mr. Bassett is directly and personally responsible for and through which he was worked himself into the esteem and good will of his townspeople and surrounding countrymen are the electrification of the town, the finest grain elevators and modern facilities, the first creamery and the introduction of a semi-public water works.
        The members of this family are Bernard J., Bert S., Loretta, Victor G., Marcelia E. and Esther M., now Mrs. Patrick O'Callaghan, and their son, Clarence. Mr. O'Callaghan is a well known Michigan timber operator and resides with his family at Rock, Michigan.
        Mrs. Valade who ranks third in age also left the old homestead at the time of her marriage to Mr. Louis Valade and the couple made their home in Saranac for several years when they moved to Plattsburgh. After several years of successful work here in his profession, Mr. Valade retired and moved with a part of his family to a beautiful farm just within the city limits of Burlington, Vt. The members and descendants of this family are Laurel J., a grey nun in the Champlain Valley hospital, Grace Alma, now Mrs. Henry Couture, residing with her husband and family of three children, Marguerite, Jack and Josephine in Rouses Point, N.Y., Irving L.B., who with his wife also reside in Rouses Point, Ernest A., and Mrs. Valade of Washington, D.C., Charles N. and Mrs. Valade and Charles Jr. of Plattsburgh, Joseph A., Marguerite L. and George B. of Burlington, Vt.
        Bernard S. Bassett next in the order of age, the man directly responsible for the reunion is living characterization of a typical red blooded and far-reaching son of an American farmer. His early manhood was spent in New England states and after his energetic nature failed to be satisfied in the East he set out to conquer the West and how well this has been done is clearly shown in the ever pleasant coutenance of the man who did it.
        In a few years Bassett's Floral Gardens became a by-word in Northern California to all lovers of true flowers and Bassett's carnations enjoyed interstate renown for many years. At present Mr. Bassett and wife reside in San Jose, California, and are extensive real estate operators in Northern California, particulary the Santa Clara Valley.
        The old homestead never looked so well in the entire half century of its existence as it did on the morning of July 19, 1923. The land in the highest state of cultivation, the buildings in perfect repair and the equipment and stock, modern and in excellent condition greeted the eyes of all those who came back to the place of their childhood pleasures and labors. To those whose hearts were and still are in this home, this offered the occasion for the keenest feelings of home loving emotions and was the topic of commendatory comments on all sides. Hospitality reigned supreme, fun, good will and brotherly love were never better mingled in honest cheer and happy hours. Responsible for all this is the youngest man of the family, Charles S. and family.
        Charles S. has the distinction of having reared the largest family, the members of which are Francis D., Charles L., Leon J., Elmer G., Dorothy M., Marian A., Lloyd N., Rita L., and Mrs. Elmer T. Ryan, nee Julia E. Bassett, who with her husband and child, Elizabeth J., have an excellent modernized farm near the old homestead.
        The baby of the Bassett family, Mrs. Irving L. Paddock, nee Jessie M. E. Bassett of Antioch, Ill., and husband settled on a beautiful farm in the above town immediately after they were married and have lived there ever since. Mr. Paddock is a successful farmer in a country where farmers have developed this industry to the highest degree of efficiency. His dairy is the pride of the neighborhood and his grain products are sought for by the best markets. The members of this family are Mrs. Irving E. Paddock, Mr. and Mrs. Fa???ving A. Forester, of Chicago, nee Mary E. Paddock. Mr. and Mrs. Forester have two children, Charles J. and Edward A., Marguerite, a nun of the order of St. Vincent of Indianapolis, Ind., Lewis J. and Charles G.

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Section 3 - Featured Bassett: A.L. & F. P. Bassett of Cleveland, Ohio
                I purchased the following card on e-bay.

F P Bassett - Hat Dealer

                F.P Bassett (above) is the nephew of Ansem L. Bassett below.

Ansel L. Bassett is a descendant of #6B  William Bassett of CT as follows:
William Bassett and wife Hannah Dickerman
John Bassett and wife Mercy Todd
Joseph Bassett and wife Miriam Bradley
Joel Bassett and wife Mary
Justus Bassett and wife Beulah Tuttle
Allen Bassett and wife Jemima C. Mann
Ansem L. Bassett

                        Death Calls Ohio's Oldest Hat Dealer (February 1906)                 

        A.L. Bassett, Former Business Man, Dies After Illness of Three Weeks
        Seated in Chair at End
        Heart Fails Him After Veteran Merchant Had Been Walking About His Home

        A.L. Bassett, senior member of the firm of A.L. Bassett & Co., died at 11:30 o'clock Tuesday night.
        Mr. Bassett had been confined to his home in Fifty-fifth street (No. 1298 Wilson avenue) for three weeks. He was troubled with a complication of diseases, culminating with an affection of the heart. Mr. Bassett had not been obliged to take to his bed. Indeed, he had been able to walk about his room up to within two or three hours of his death. When the end came he was seated in his chair.
        Pioneer Hat Dealer.
        Mr. Bassett was a pioneer hat dealer. He had been in the business more than forty years, first under the firm name of Bassett & Smith. The present firm was formed about twenty-five years ago. He was born on a farm in Yates county, N.Y., seventy-five years ago. Before removing to Cleveland, in early youth, he worked for some time in a store at Penn Yann, N.Y. Soon after removing to this city he took a position in the post office, which he held about two years. Then he entered the hat business and had ever since continued in that line.
        Interested in Brick Plant.
        For several years Mr. Bassett had held a considerable interest in the firm of John Kline & Co., manufacturers of paving brick at Wickliffe.
        Besides his sister, Mrs. Kline, and his brother, C.M. Bassett, with whom he was associated in business, he is survived by his second wife. Funeral services are to be held at the late residence at 2 o'clock on Saturday afternoon. The Rev. Mr. Schwartz, of the East Congregational Church, is to officiate and interment will be had in Lake View Cemetery. The burial service will be private.            

* * * * *

Section 4 - Featured Bassett: Billy Bassett, English footballer   

With the FIFA World Cup (2006) in full swing, I thought it would be appropriate to feature Billy Bassett this month.

Billy Bassett

 Billy Bassett descends from John Bassett (#76B) of West Bromwich as follows:

John Bassett and wife Mary
Charles Bassett and wife Rebecca
William Isiah Bassett (featured)

        Billy Bassett Biography

William Isiah Bassett (January 1, 1869 - April 8, 1937) was an English association footballer.

Born West Bromwich, at only 5 foot 5 inch (1.65m), Bassett was initially considered too frail for a professional player. Establishing himself as a winger in various local amateur sides, he joined West Bromwich Albion F.C. in 1886. He played 261 games for the club, scoring 61 goals and winning 16 England caps, becoming one of the game's earliest celebrities.

He retired from playing in 1899, becoming a director of the club in 1905 and chairman from 1908 until his death. His activities in the wider footballing world let him to take an active role in the development of both the Football Association and the Football League.

Over 100,000 people lined the streets of West Bromwich for his funeral procession.

* * * * *

Section 5 - New family lines combined or added since the last newsletter

        The following family lines have been combined/eliminated since the last newsletter.

311B.   Charles Bassett of Indiana into the #128 Bassetts of Dudley, Worcester, England
        The following family lines have been added since the last newsletter.

  76B.  John Bassett of West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England
311B.  William Bassett of Claybrooke, Leicestershire, England
350B.  Robert Bassett of Deddington, Oxfordshire, England
351B.  Edwin Bassett of England & Canada

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