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Splinters From The Tree December 2007

(1) Welcome
(2) Henry Makepeace Bassett family photo
(3) George Thomas Bassett of "The Beehive"
(4) New family lines combined or added since the last newsletter
(5) DNA project update

Section 1 - Welcome

2007 has seen a large growth in the Bassett Family history project. I  added 35 new family lines and now count 410 distinct Bassett family lines in my records. We also had 27 new Bassett DNA project participants which includes several living in England. In addition, I added more than 1,000 pages of new material to my growing Bassett manuscript and added more than 500 new Bassett contacts worldwide to the distribution list of the monthly Bassett Family Newsletter. It is hard to believe that I have been writing the newsletter for five years!

I still have one $15 discount certificate available from Family Tree DNA to be used towards the purchase of a 25 or 37 marker DNA kit. It's still not too late to buy one for a Christmas gift.

For anyone living in the Chicago area, I have four more Bassett DNA talks at different genealogical societies in the Chicago area scheduled for  the spring of 2008 in McHenry, Tinley Park, Schaumburg and Richmond, all towns in Illinois. If you are interested in attending any of them, let me know and I can provide the times and dates.

I hope everyone has a great Holiday Season!

* * * * *

Section 2 - Featured Bassett:  Henry Makepeace Bassett Family Photo

Henry Makepeace Bassett descends from William Bassett of Plymouth as follows:

William Bassett of Plymouth and wife Elizabeth
Joseph Bassett (b. 1635) and wife Martha Lapham
William Bassett (b. 1667) and wife Sarah
William Bassett (b. 1694) and wife Mary Crossman
William Bassett (b. 1726) and wife Lydia Fisher
Isaac Bassett (b. 1755) and wife Mehitable Makepeace
Joseph Palmer Bassett (b. 1795) and wife Elizabeth Smith
Henry Makepeace Bassett (b. 1836)

Arthur Henry Bassett, son of Henry Makepeace Bassett, was one of the officers in the original Bassett Family Association started back in 1897.

Picture of Henry Makepeace Bassett and family provided via e-mail by Eliza Bassett, his great-granddaughter 

Death of Henry M. Bassett

The thoughtful observer of New England community life notices with regret the passing of a generation of men whose life and service have been notable in the work of church and state. Their services link this generation to those stirring scenes of slavery days, the civil war and the reconstruction period in United States history. Of this number was Mr. Henry Makepeace Bassett, who fell asleep on last Friday night to wake to the eternal glories on Saturday morning. Mr. Bassett was the youngest son of the five children of Deacon Joseph P. and Elizabeth (Smith) Bassett, and was born at the Bassett home in the northern part of Barre, on April 19, 1936, so that at the time of his death he was nearly seventy-five and one-half years old. Like many of our New England boys he received his education at the district school at Rice village and at the old New Salem academy. After his education was finished he came home and for all of his life, with the exception of two years in Michigan, he was a faithful worker in the service of the community and his home. His first wife was Jane S. Brigham of Petersham, to whom he was married Feb. 8, 1860. From this union there were two children, Mr. Walter A. Bassett, now an honored citizen of Petersham, and Stella, who died in infancy. His second wife was Irene C. Finley of Belchertown, to whom he was united in marriage on June 25, 1868. Three stalwart sons and one fair daughter blessed their home, and Mr. Bassett was spared to see tham all happily settled in business and prospering in life. These children are located as follows: Burnell F. and Arthur H., are at Tacoma, Washington, Charles H., is at Worcester, while Delia (Mrs. E.J. Parmenter) and her husband, are at Wayland. Of the original family of five children of Deacon Joseph P. Bassett, only one survives at present, Mr. Charles S. Bassett of Franklin, Mass. There are two grandchildren, Mr. Leslie M. Bassett, the son of Walter Bassett, and Irene Roseanna, the infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Parmenter. The life of Mr. Henry Bassett was particularly notable for its constant industry, for almost to the last day of his life he was able to work, being a successful carpenter and also enjoying very much agricultural pursuits. He was early in life attracted toward holy and divine things, joining the church in boyhood, and in his riper years doing faithful service in the church and parish work of the Barre Congregational church. Those who recall his prayers at the social services of the church, will remember their reverent spirit and the beautiful and trustful utterances of one who was talking with his Heavenly Father. His death came painlessly and quietly last Saturday morning, when from the sleeping of the night he woke to Heaven's morning. The funeral services were held on Tuesday, the 10th, at 1 p.m., at the house, his pastor, Rev. C.H. Smith, and his long time neighbor and friend, Rev. A.F. Bailey, officiating. Two beautiful musical selections were part of the service, "The Silver Chord" and "Asleep in Jesus," which were sung by Mrs. C. H. Smith and Miss Bessie Bacon. Mr. Bassett was buried in the family lot in the Lincoln Cemetery, where his body lies next to those of father and mother and other relatives. As we think of the end of this long and useful life it suggest the lines from the poet Bryant:

"Sustained and soothed
By an unfaltering trust approach thy grave
Like one who wraps the drapery of his couch
About him and lies down to pleasant dreams."

* * * * *

Section 3 - Featured Bassett: George Thomas Bassett of "The Beehive"

George Thomas Bassett descends from the #184B Bassetts of Chiddingstone as follows:

John Bassett of Chiddingstone, England
Henry Bassett died 1585
Thomas Bassett (b. 1566) and wife Kateryne
Michael Bassett (b. 1611) and wife Ann Killick
John Bassett (b. 1646) and wife Ann Cronke
John Bassett (b. 1695) and wife Elizabeth Saxby
Michael Bassett (b. 1741) and wife Mary Killick
John Bassett (b. 1761) and wife Mary Wallis
Henry Bassett (b. 1808) in Edenbrdige and wife Eliza
George Thomas Bassett (b. 1841) in Lingfield, Surrey 

L-R sitting: George Bassett, Janes Lowndes-Bassett.
Standing: Elizabeth(Lizzie), Jessie, Louisa and Staffie (aka;Henry George or Surrey Stafford)
Location: Behind the "BEEHIVE PUB" in Reigate

184B112.752.1C3. George Thomas Bassett, son of Henry Bassett

George Thomas Bassett, son of Henry and Eliza Bassett, was born about 1861 in Lingfield, Surrey, England. He married Jane Lowndes.
1891 British Census of "The Beehive", Reigate, Surrey
George T. Bassett    29 M Head     Lingfield, Surrey      Beer House Keeper
Jane                 33 F Wife     Rocester, Staffordshire
Henry C.              7 M Son      Reigate, Surrey    
Louisa                6 F Daughter Reigate, Surrey
Elizabeth             5 F Daughter Reigate, Surrey
Jessie                1 F Daughter Reigate, Surrey

1901 British Census of 7 Dovers Green, Bee Hive, Reigate, Surrey
George T. Bassett  39 M Head     Lingfield, Surrey      Beer House & Cow Keeper
Jane               47 F Wife     Rocester, Staffordshire
Louise             16 F Daughter Reigate, Surrey
Elizabeth          15 F Daughter Reigate, Surrey
Jessie             11 F Daughter Reigate, Surrey 

184B1127521C31. Henry C. "Staphie" Bassett - born about 1884 in Reigate, Surrey, England.

184B1127521C32. Louisa Bassett - born about 1885 in Reigate, Surrey, England.

184B1127521C33. Elizabeth Bassett - born about 1885 in Reigate, Surrey, England.

184B1127521C34. Jessie Bassett - born about 1890 in Reigate, Surrey, England.

* * * * *

Section 4 - New family lines combined or added since the last newsletter

The following family lines have been combined/eliminated since the last newsletter.

408B.   John Bassett of Fordham, Cambridgeshire into the #62B William Bassett of Fordham, Cambridgeshire Family

 * * * * *

Section 5 - DNA project update.

Three new kits were sent out this month for the following family lines.

#62B.     William Bassett of Fordham, Cambridgeshire, England
#178B.   William Bassett of Tonbridge, Kent, England
#254B.   Samuel Bassett of Timsbury, England

Kits from the following families were received by the lab this month for processing:

#254B Samuel Bassett of Timsbury, England

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