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Splinters From The Tree February 2008

(1) Welcome
(2) Charles Marshall Bassett of California
(3) Francis John Bassett, photographer from Erie County, Pennsylvania
(4) Sydney George Bassett of Warwick and British Columbia, Canada
(5) New family lines combined or added since the last newsletter
(6) DNA project update

Donations from 12 individuals for a total of $440 through 1-28-08.

Section 1 - Welcome

Thank you very much to the dozen people who sent in donations since the last newsletter. It gives us enough funds to pay for 3 more 25 marker kits.

I am looking for willing participants from the Rotherfield, Sussex line of Bassetts, any Bassett family with roots in Northamptonshire, England, any Bassett family with roots in Lincolnshire, or a descendant of #20B Caleb Bassett to join our project.

We also had four new people join the DNA project this month including one from the #77B Bassetts of Mathews County, Virginia, one from the #234B Richard Bassett of North Hill, Cornwall family now living in Australia, another descendant of the #33B Bassetts of Hints and one more descendant of William Bassett of Plymouth. In addition to these four new kits, we still have several outstanding kits from before Christmas.

I am currently scheduled for 5 more lectures on the topic Genetic Genealogy: A Case of the Bassett DNA project this spring in the Chicago area.

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Section 2 - Featured Bassett: Charles Marshall Bassett of California

Charles Marshall Bassett thought to descend from #20B Caleb Bassett as follows:

Caleb Bassett
James Bassett (b. 1773)
Henry Bassett (b. 1800) and wife Mary Hammel
Daniel Harvey Bassett (b. 1835) and wife Mary Coonradt
Arthur Ensign Bassett (b. 1857) and wife Kate Louise Chamberlain
Charles Marshall Bassett (b. 1885)

Picture of Charles Marshall Bassett taken in California from ancestry.com public photos.
(Click to enlarge)

* * * * *

Section 3 - Featured Bassett: Francis John Bassett, photographer of Erie County, Pennsylvania

Francis John Bassett descends from Stephen Bassett of St. Veep, Cornwall, England as follows:

Stephen Bassett (b. 1796) and wife Jane Jory
Francis John Bassett (b. 1845) and wife Dorinda Edna Nichols

Francis J. Bassett was a noted photographer of Pennsylvania. To read more about him and his collection of photographs, click on the link below.


F.J. Bassett
Dorinda Edna (Nichols) Bassett
The above pictures are courtesy of the
Erie County Historical Society, Erie, Pennsylvania.
(Click to enlarge)

* * * * *

Section 4 - Featured Bassett: Sydney George Bassett of Warwick and British Columbia, Canada

Sydney George Bassett of Warwick, England descends from #130 Richard Bassett of Claybrooke, Leciestershire, England as follows:

Richard Bassett (b. 1593) and wife Mary
Richard Bassett (b. 1621) and wife Anne
Richard Bassett (b. 1660) and wife Elizabeth Moore Richard Bassett (b. 1691) and wife Mary Osborne Richard Bassett (b. 1739) and wife Ann Freer Richard Bassett (b. 1772) and wife Elizabeth Lawrence Isaac Bassett (b. 1820) and wife Ann Hall Samuel Bassett (b. 1846) and wife Sarah Sydney George Bassett (b. 1874)

Picture provided by Craig Bassett, grandson of Sydney George Bassett of Warwickshire

* * * * *

Section 5 - New family lines combined or added since the last newsletter

The following family lines have been combined/eliminated since the last newsletter.

80B. Rex Earl Bassett of Iowa into the #56B Jonathan Bassett of New York family
104B. Byron C. Bassett of Iowa into the #56B Jonathan Bassett of New York family
157B. Thomas Bassett of Nether Whitacre, Warwickshire into the #33B Bassetts of Staffordshire family

The following family lines have been added since the last newsletter.

80B. The Bassetts of Northam, Devonshire, England
104B. William Bassett of Rotherfield, Sussex, England
157B. John Charles Bassett of Montana/Idaho

* * * * *

Section 6 - DNA project update.

Results from DNA kit #107382 for a Bassett descended from a group that came from Fordham, Cambridgeshire, England are back from the testing lab. They match several other groups of Bassetts with roots in or near the northeast side of London. This group also includes #4 William Bassett of Lynn, Massachusetts and was as brother #87B William and Elias Bassett of who emigrated to Ohio from England in the 1830's as well as a line from London that emigrated to New Zealand.

(click to enlarge)

Information from the first generation of each of these families is included below in case anyone would like to start the search to see how these four lines might be related.

4B. The Family of William Bassett

The immigrant ancestor of the Bassett family of Lynn, Massachusetts and Salem County, New Jersey, was William, who came to New England at the age of 11 in 1635. His parents, Roger Bassett and Ann Holland, were married in St. Martin's Church, Dorking, County Surrey, England, on 27 Apr 1623.

The marriage record still exists there, as does the baptismal entry on 30 May 1624 for William, who apparently was their only child.

After the early death of her husband, Ann (Holland) Bassett married Hugh Burt. The marriage took place sometime after 3 Oct 1628, the day of burial of Ursellah Burt, Hugh's first wife.

Hugh Burt, his wife Ann, William Bassett and Edward Burt registered as passengers on the ship Abigail 17 Jun 1635. The family settled in the colony of Massachusetts Bay. Hugh Burt's name is found among the original inhabitants of Lynn who were given land in 1638. He received 60 acres.

William Bassett is said to have married, about 1646, Sarah Burt, the daughter of his stepfather, Hugh. No mention of her thus far has been found in ship passenger lists, nor is her baptism recorded with other of Hugh's children in St. Martin's Church. Early histories of Massachusetts mention the wife of William Bassett of Lynn, stating that she was Sarah Burt, daughter of his stepfather. William and Sarah lived on Nahant Street, and this property was owned by their descendants when the History of Lynn, by Lewis and Newhall, was published in 1865.

During the Indian wars William Bassett was an ensign in Captain Gardner's company from nearby Salem. Later he became a captain. For his services in this capacity he was awarded by the General Court a grant of three acres 128 poles of land. In Lynn and Essex County records he was called "Quartermaster". He served many times on the jury for trials in the Quarterly Court, was a constable of Lynn, a selectman, and was among those citizens who signed for the purchase of land from the Indians in 1686. In
1689 he was a member of the Council of War with Major Benjamin Church of Scarborough, Maine.

All children were born in Lynn, Massachusetts and were all living at the time William Bassett made his will 10 Feb 1701. William Bassett died 31 Mar 1703. The date of Sarah (Burt) Bassett's death is not known.

+ 4B1. William Bassett - born around 1647 in Lynn, Massachusetts, married Sarah Hood.

+ 4B2. Elisha Bassett - born around 1649 in Lynn, Massachusetts, married Elizabeth Collins.

+ 4B3. Elizabeth Bassett - born in 1650 in Lynn, Massachusetts, married John Proctor.

+ 4B4. Sarah Bassett - born in 1651, married Thomas Elwell.

+ 4B5. John Bassett - born Sep 1653, married Mary.

4B6. Miriam Bassett - born Sep 1655, married Ephraim Sandy before 1701.

+ 4B7. Mary Bassett - born Jan 1657, married Michael Derrick.

4B8. Hannah Bassett - born 25 Feb 1660, married John Lilley of Woburn.

4B9. Rebecca Bassett - unmarried in 1701.

4BA. Samuel Bassett - born 18 Mar 1663/4.

4BB. Rachel Bassett - born 13 Nov 1666, married Ephriam Silsbee, son of Henry and Dorothy Silsbee, of Salem on 23 Jan 1693.

WILL OF WILLIAM BASSETT, proved and allowed 22 May 1703

"In the name of God Everlasting Amen: I William Bassett Senr. of Lyn in ye County of Esex in Newengland being of good & perfect memory & Rationally Disposed And having attained to ye years of a good old age & being very sensable of ye decay of nature & ye many Distempers & Infirmities that do attend my outward (mein?) not knowing how soone my great & last chang may come have therefor taken this opportunity to settle ye affaires of my family & so leave this as my last will and testament.

Impr: as for my precious mortall soul I freely resign it to him that gave it & to my Redeemer Jesus Christ which by his precious blood hath ransome my soul from Death. as for my body which is fraile I comend it to ye dust willing a decent Interment thereof suitable to my Rank & quality. Although worms my skin destroy yet in my flesh I shal see God - Amen. As for the disposall of my outward Estate which God of his Goodness hath given mee - my will is that after my funerall charges & lawfull debts bee paid I bequeathe to my deare & loving wife who hath bin carefull of mee & industrious in her place for ye procurement of what outward Estate I have I bequeath unto her the Improvement of my whole Estate during her naturall life and all the moveable estate in my house which is mine to be at her disposall - as shee shall see cause: Item: I give to my eldest son willm Bassett all ye housing land meddowes marshes and movalbes within y bounds of Lyn township or Elsewhere to bee at his absolut disposall: further it is to bee under stood that my son willm Bassett is to pay out of such Estate all such Legasies as I shall give to ye rest of my children as followeth:

Item: I give to my son John Bassett five pounds in mony: Item: I give to my son Elisha Bassett fivetie shillings in mony: Item: I give to my son Samuel Bassett fivetie shillings in mony: Item I give to my daughter Elizebeth Bassett allias Richards forty shillings in mony: Item: I give to my daughter Sarah Elwell fortie shillings in mony:

Ittem: I give to my daughter Merriam Sandy fortie shillings: Ittem: I give to my daughter Mary Ruck fortie shillings in mony: Ittem I give to my daughter Rachel Silsbe fortie shillings in mony:

Ittem I give to my daughter Rebeckah Bassett fortie shillings in Mony:

Ittem I give to my Hannah Lille fortie shillings in mony-- and if any of ye above named Children Except my son Willm should then to be divided Equaly amongst them all. It is to be understood that these legasies are to be paid with-in a one yeare after my disease and my wives and my will is that neither str? nor waste be made But to the end foresaid.

Ittom my will is that my son William Bassett bee sole Executtor to this my last will and testament. Heare unto I have sett to my hand and seale this tenth day of february in the yeare of our 1701.

Sighned William Bassett with a seale-- Wittnessed by Before sighning it is to be understood that my son William Bassett is to have my whole Estate as is above mentioned to him & his heirs for ever."

Witnesses: Samuel Johnson, Lois Rogers, Ezekiel Rogers.

Will of Ann (Holland) Bassett Burt, mother of William Bassett (Written 8 Jun 1664; Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County)

My will is that William Bassett Jr. should have one of my cows, and John Bassett should have one cow, and Elisha Bassett should have on cow, and that Samuel Bassett should have the steer. And it is my will that these children should have the profit of these cattle and the principal when they be 18 years old, and I give to Elizabeth Bassett a new feather bed, a bolster and a pillow and a pillow bear (case), a blanket and a rug, and I give Sarah Bassett my old feather bed, a bolster and pillow and pillow bear, a blanket and a tapestry covering, and I give to Merriam Bassett, a copper kettle, a table cloth and 1/2 dozen napkins and a ewe sheep, a hand towel, and I give to Mary Bassett my biggest iron pot, a long table cloth and 4 napkins and a hand towel, a ewe sheep; to Hannah Bassett 2 iron pots and a warming pan and a pair of sheets and a pair of pillow bears and a ewe sheep; to Ellen Bartrom, a ewe lamb and to Hannah Bartrom, a ewe lamb and I give to the wife of William Bartrom my black broadcloth suit and one pewter basin, and I give to Liddi Burrill 5 shllings or a ewe lamb, and my will is that their goods should not be used until the children doth reserve them and that these girls should have the profit of their sheep and the principal when they come to age.

Witnesses:Francis Burrill and William Crofts.

The inventory included household items, one cow and 10 sheep. Total value 47 pounds, 2 shillings, sixpence.


62B. William Bassett of Fordham, Cambridge, England

William Bassett married Rebecca Goodrick on 13 Aug 1809 in Isleham, Cambridge, England.
Not sure if the two younger children listed in the 1841 census are children or grandchildren.

1841 British Census of Carter? Street, Fordham, Cambridgeshire
William Bassett 50 M Born in County Ag Lab
Rebecca 59 F Born in County
William 28 M Born in County
Philip 16 M Born in County
Jane 9 F Born in County
Henry 3 M Born in County

+ 62B1. William Bassett - born about 1813 in Cambridgeshire, England, married Sarah Crow.
+ 62B2. Benjamin Goodrick Bassett - christened 27 Feb 1816 in Fordham, Cambridge, England, married Mary.
+ 62B3. John Bassett - born about 1819 in Fordham, Cambridgeshire, England, married Mary Ann in 1841.
62B4. Philip Bassett - born about 1825 in Mildenhall, Cambridgeshire, England.


73B. The family of James Bassett
James Bassett married Elizabeth.
+ 73B1. John Bassett - christened 30 May 1773 in St. Bartholomew The Great, London, England, married (1) Anne Ablit in 1794 (2) Mary Hopkins 25 Dec 1800.
87B. Unknown Bassett.
These brothers are possibly sons of William Bassett, born 1762 in Ashford, Kent County, England and Susanna Bensted, born 1766 in Ashford, Kent County, England. William and Susanna were married 30 Jun 1787 in Ashford, Kent County, England. Mother of William is listed as Alice Bassett on his christening record. They arrived in the Port of New York in 1830 on the ship Westminster. They moved to Huron County 1832. I also found a record for Fanny Bassett, daughter of William and Fanny Bassett, born 5 Apr 1797 in Mill Bay Baptist, Folkestone, Kent, England.
87B1. Mary Bassett - born 1788.
+ 87B1. William Bassett - christened 6 Nov 1796 in Folkestone, Kent County, England, died 6 Jul 1862, married Jane Pelham in England.
+ 87B2. Elias Bassett - born 23 Jan 1803 in Mill Bay Baptist, Folkestone, Kent, England, married (1) Fanny Morford on 17 Jul 1826 2) Jane Lillie Henry (3) Melissa Durham.

Pioneer History of Clarksfield

William and Elias Bassett came from England to America, the former in 1830 and the latter in 1828. William and his family were on the ocean for more than six weeks. They lived in New York state for six months and then came to Townsend township, Huron County, O., and lived in the old block house for some time, then bought a small farm two miles from the Center. In the fall of 1832 they came to Clarksfield and lived in a house belonging to Johnson Wheeler, at Hayesville until the following spring, then moved to the Hollow and lived in a house across the street from Capt. Husted's probably just west from the Hotel. In 1834 they bought the Myron Rogers farm, of Levi Barnum. This was on the Norwalk road a half mile west of the Hollow. In 1838 they bought of Lucius M. Curtis 30 acres of land north of the Hollow and east of the river. In 1846 they bought out George Pelham and built the house which was owned by M.B Bissell for many years and is now owned by John Gardiner. In 8156 they moved to the Hollow, where Mr. Bassett died in 1862 at the age of 66 years. His wife, whose maiden named was Jane Pelham, died in Michigan in 1879 at the age of 76 years. Their children were Edward, Elizabeth, William and Thomas, born in England, Lucy, George, Samuel, Henry, Maylam and Ellen were born in Ohio. Edward went to Defiance county about 1841 and married there. He now lives in Nebraska. Elizabeth married Alanson Hamlin, a cousin of Noah, and they went west. She died in 1867. William became a blacksmith and worked at the Hollow. About 1852 he married a lady from Ashland county and moved to Defiance county, where he died in 1896. Thomas married Lydia Merrifield in 1856. He went to Defiance county and died there in 1892. Lucy married C.E. Mead, of Bronson Township, in 1853. They lived in Bronson, then Kansas and are now living in California. George was drowned in the Mississippi River in 1855. Samuel married Emeline Case and lived in Clarksfield until about 1868, when he moved to Missouri, where he died in 1888. Henry married Alcie M. Rogers in 1863, and lived in Clarksfield until 1873, following the profession of teaching. He now lives in Lodi, O., where he is a newspaper publisher. Maylam lived in Clarksfield until the war, and after serving as a soldier for four years, went to Michigan, where he married and lived until his death in 1896. Ellen died in infancy.

Elias Bassett lived at Hayesville for a time, but moved to Defiance,O. about 1838 and died in Iowa many years ago.

* * * * *

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