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Splinters From The Tree July 2008

(1) Welcome
(2) Questions about the Bassett DNA project
(3) Obituary of Elias Bassett (1868)
(4) Cherry Bassett Dairy Products
(5) William Joseph Bassett photograph
(6) New family lines combined or added since the last newsletter
(7) DNA updates on the #14B Jean Besset family
(8) DNA project update

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Section 1 - Welcome

Unlike most summers, Bassett genealogy research has seemed to pick up this summer. I am running way behind keeping up correspondence with everyone, so please be patient.. Feel free to send me a reminder if it has been several months since you have heard from me and you are waiting for some material back from me.

Several DNA kits came back associated with the #14B Jean Besset family so I have attempted to analyze the DNA markers for each of these participants, but so far the results don't quite match the trees for these families. You can read more about this in the DNA section below.

* * * * *

Section 2 - Featured Bassett: Questions about the Bassett DNA project

I have received several e-mails with questions about how  DNA testing works and if you need to go get a blood test to take part.

 It is a very simple process. I originally included some of this material below in the January 2006 newsletter, but since I have nearly 1,000 new Bassett contacts since then, I am including this material again.

DNA testing is done using a bucal swab, rubbing the inside of your mouth with a small brush and returning the brush tip to the testing lab. (see picture below). Testing is done via the mail.

When someone wants to take part in testing, I enter an order on the Bassett family page at FamilyTreeDNA. The kit is sent out to the name and address on the order. If you want to take part but are worried about having your name in their database, consider sending the kit to a different family member.

When you receive the kit, you follow the simple instructions included in the kit using the the scraper/brush to take a sample from the inside of your mouth and then return it by mail back to FamilyTreeDNA. They then process the kit at their lab. Results are back within 3 to 5 weeks depending on the type of test ordered.

I have no financial interest in FamilyTreeDNA and do not receive any monetary incentive from them for signing up new participants.

Current prices for members of the Bassett project:

12-marker test $99 U.S.
25-marker test $148 U.S.
37-marker test $189 U.S.

There is also a $2 postage & handling charge for orders in the United States and $4 charge for everywhere else in the world.

After taking part in testing, FamilyTreeDNA will send you your results by mail. I will also get notified via e-mail that your results are back and can then add them to our Bassett website along with your kit #.

If you have any questions about this process, please send me an e-mail. I still have funds available for three 25 marker tests for anyone from a family line not yet represented in the project.

Sample DNA test kit
Sample DNA test kit as provided by FamilyTreeDNA

* * * * *

Section 3 - Featured Bassett: Obituary of #12B Elias Bassett, died 1868

Elias Bassett is a son of #12B Oliver and Betsey Bassett.

A copy of this obituary was provided to me by Steven Passey.

Deseret News Weekly, 3 Jun 1868

        At the residence of James McGaw, Ogden city, May 25th, Elias Bassett, in the 69th year of his age. Deceased was the father of C.H. Bassett, Salt Lake City, and Mrs. Mary M. McGaw, Ogden city. He was born in Rensalaer county, near Albany, N.Y.; was baptized in to the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Alleghany county, N.Y., in 1843; the following year emigrated to Nauvoo, Ill,; was driven thence by mob violence in 1846; moved to Winter Quarters in 1847, recrossed the Missouri river into Iowa in 1848; and gathered here in 1852.
        Bro. Bassett was among the very few of whom it may be said, “He never had an enemy.” He was a kind husband, a tender father and devout Christian. In life he was beloved by all who knew him, and his death is mourned by many sorrowing friends. – COM

(Note: Sunday was actually 24 May 1868 instead of the 25th as stated in the article.)

* * * * *

Section 4 - Featured Bassett: Cherry Bassett Dairy Products

Carl S. Bassett Jr. descends from #4B William Bassett of Lynn as follows:

William Bassett and wife Sarah Burt
Elisha Bassett and wife Elizabeth Collins
Elisha Bassett and wife Abigail Davis
Samuel Bassett and wife Ann Morris
Samuel Bassett and wife Elizabeth Keen
Morris Bassett and wife Rebecca Ross
Samuel Morris Bassett and wife Jane Carl
Carl S. Bassett and wife Florence
Carl S. Bassett Jr. 

Cherry-Bassett Dairy Farm Supply Catalog circa 1922
Cherry-Bassett Dairy Farm Supply Catalog circa 1922

Excerpts from Industrialization Takes Over, Chapter 4
...On this same Eastern trip, Howard Cherry became acquainted with C.S. Bassett of Baltimore. Bassett ran an aggressive small dairy supply business called the American Bottle Cap Company. His primary products were the Perfection Pull Cap, and a line of glass milk bottles. Both products were manufactured elsewhere, and distributed by Bassett.
        But, since most milk had been sold in bulk up until this time, the "bottles and caps" concept was an innovation, and caused Bassett's business to thrive, enabling him to add other lines of separators, as well as hand-operated bottle fillers manufactured by the Milwaukee Dairy Supply Company.
        Since demand for pasteurized milk was rapidly expanding, the J.G. Cherry Company appointed Bassett's American Bottle Cap Company as a distributor of Cherry-Burrell coil-type pasteurizers and certain other equipment. Five years later, the Cherry Company joined in the foundation of the Cherry Bassett Company. Cherry-Bassett also distributed D.H. Burrell Company sanitary fittings for a significant portion of their business. Although operated independently from the J.G. Cherry Company, the Cherry-Bassett Company would gain major importance years later.

* * * * *

Section 5 - Featured Bassett: William Joseph Bassett Photograph

William Joseph Bassett is descended from William Bassett as follows:

William Bassett (named on son's marriage record)
John Benjamin Bassett and wife Susannah (White) Harris
William Joseph Bassett

1891 British Census of 7 Woodland Grove, Greenwich, London
John Bassett         40 M Head     Groombridge, Kent   Laborer Royal Dockyard
Susan                42 F Wife     Eltham, Kent
William J.            7 M Son      Bengal East India 

William Joseph Bassett born 1883 in India
Picture of William Joseph Bassett, born 1883 in India. Picture courtesy of Fred Bassett

* * * * *

Section 6 - New family lines combined or added since the last newsletter

        The following family lines have been combined/eliminated since the last newsletter.

155B.   John Bassett of Tunbridge Wells into the #184B Bassetts Edenbridge & Chiddingstone
353B.   Philip J. Bassett of Pittsfield, Massachusetts into the #14B Jean Besset of Quebec family
        The following family lines have been added since the last newsletter.

 416B. Edwin Bassett (b. 1826) of Redditch, Worcestershire, England
 417B. William Bassett of Liverpool & Oswestry, Shropshire (b. 1853)

* * * * *

Section 7 - #14B Jean Besset family DNA results

Below are the results for DNA testing for the Bassetts and Bessettes that have taken part that descend from #14B Jean Besset of Quebec. 

dna results

Kit #56241 is a descendant of Charles Bessette (#14B351) and the Ancestry kit is a descendant of Joseph Bessette (#14B353).

What this tells us is that Jean Francois Bessette (#14B35) also had this same DNA haplogroup and that all descendants through this line should share this same DNA haplogroup. But we also have another kit, #55397, that we show descended through this same family. The lineage for one of these three cannot be correct.

I will be doing some more analysis on these lines in the next few months.

14B35. Jean Francois Bessette, son of Jean Bessette
        Jean Francois Bessette, son of Jean and Madeleine (Plamondon) Bessette, was born in 1714 in Canada. He married (1) Marie Marguerite Legrain, daughter of Charles and Louise (Stebenne) Legrain, on 1 Jan 1738 in Chambly, St. Joseph's Parish, Quebec. She was born in 1716 in Canada. He married (2) Marie Joseph Girard on 4 May 1751.

        Children by 1st wife.
    +        14B351. Charles Bessette - born 1739 in Canada, married Marie Antionette  Benoit Dit Livernois.

    +        14B352. Francois Bessette - married Marie Goyet on 23 Jan 1758 in St. Mathias.

        Children by 2nd wife.

    +        14B353. Joseph Bessette - born 1753, died 1829, married Marie-Francoise  Barrier in Chambly on 25 Oct 1773.

* * * * *

Section 8 - DNA project update.

Several new participants have joined the project.

#263B John Bassett of Birmingham, England & Tasmania
#20B    A 2nd test for a descendant of Daniel Harvey Bassett of Boone County, Illinois

Donations of any amount can be made to the Bassett DNA project by clicking on the link below. Any funds donated will be used to fund select Bassett DNA tests that will further our project as a whole and benefit all Bassetts worldwide.


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