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Splinters From The Tree September 2008

(1) Welcome
(2) Bassett material reviewed at the Troup County Archives by Michael Victor Bassett
(3) Arvine Alonzo Bassett booklet
(4) Picture of George Arthur Bassett of Oldham, Lancashire, England
(5) DNA results of #87B William and Elias Bassett of Ohio
(6) New family lines combined or added since the last newsletter
(6) DNA project update

$200 in donations towards the Bassett DNA project.

Section 1 - Welcome

I will be giving a talk on Genetic Genealogy and the Bassett DNA project at the Midwest Cornish Festival in Mineral Point, Wisconsin on Saturday, September 27, 2008.

Family Tree DNA had a special reduced prices in Augsut for almost all kits and 8 Bassetts took advantage of these new prices. In addition we upgraded several tests for descendants of #14B Jean Besset of Queubec.

Family Ttree DNA has extended these special prices for the remainder of September. The test kit has to be ordered and paid for before the end of the month. This is a discount of $70 off of the regular price. For anyone that has been thinking about taking part in the project, this would be a good time to join. The current price is just $119 for a 37-marker test kit. If interesested in participating at these special prices, please contact me.

* * * * *

Section 2 - Featured Bassett: Bassett-Freeman Collection at the Troup County, Georgia Archives

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Victor Bassett recently had a chance to visit the Troup County Archives in LaGrange, Georgia and in 17 hours, they scanned or photographed the entire collection found in the Bassett-Freeman collection and provided the digitized images to me. I will be adding this material to my manuscript as time permits.

Here is a summary of the material contained there.

Troup County Archives, Bassett-Freeman Collection, MS-75

Biographical Note: Winnie Bassett was born 21 May 1901 in LaGrange, Georgia, the daughter of Thomas Jefferson Bassett, Jr. and Sarah Clementine Gladney. She married (1) Major Charles Lynn Seacord. He died in the early 1960s. She married (2) Brigadier General John N. Robinson.. He died 6 May 1978. She married (3) Colonel D. Detreville Ellis.

Mrs. Ellis intended to publish her family's genealogy, but the assistance which she continually gave to others, and her failing health prevented her from attaining her goal. She died 30 March 1986. In accordance with her will, her genealogical books were given to the Manatee County Library in Bradenton and her papers were donated to the Troup County Archives.

Partial Container List
Box 1 Bassett family Folder
1-3      Research notes
4         Typed notes
5         Published data (photocopies)
6-9     The Earliest Bassetts
10-11 Eli Bassett of South Carolina and Georgia
12-13 Ezekiel Bassett and Descendants
14-16 John Bassett and Descendants
17-19 William P. Bassett and John N. Bassett.

Box 2 Bassett Family
1-2       Nathaniel Bassett
3           Richard Bassett - Revolutionary War service
4-6       Richard Bassett Sr. and Richard Bassett Jr.
7           Richard Bassett of Delaware
8          Thomas Bassett, William Bassett
9-11    Thomas Bassett Sr.
12-14  Thomas Bassett Jr.
15-16  Bassetts of Eltham, New Kent County, Virginia
17        Alabama Bassett
18        South Carolina Bassetts
19        Bassetts of Lynn, Massachusetts
20        Bassett-Traylor family
21        Bassett -Underwood family

Box 3 Bassett family corresopndence
1-5   Bassett descendants

Photograph Inventory
Arnett Kitty Bassett
Marian and Omer Lou Bassett, 1969

Sample of data found in the Troup County Archives

* * * * *

Section 3 - Featured Bassett:  Arvine Alonzo Bassett

Arvine Alonzo Bassett descends from William Bassett of Plymouth as follows:

William Bassett of Plymouth and wife Elizabeth
Nathaniel Bassett (b. 1628) and wife Dorcas Joyce
Samuel Bassett (b. 1670) and wife Elizabeth Jones
Samuel Bassett (b. 1700) and wife Alice Weaver
Samuel Bassett (b. 1736) and wife Tabitha Waite
Joseph Bassett (b. 1778) and wife Elizabeth Soule
Arvine Alonzo Bassett (b. 1820) and wife Annie Elizabeth McBoyle.

Arvine Alonzo Bassett booklet purchased on e-bay

* * * * *

Section 4 - Featured Bassett: Photo of George Arthur Bassett of Oldham, Lancashire, England

George Bassett descends from #299B Samuel Bassett of Randwick, Gloucestershire as follows:

Samuel Bassett and wife Sarah
Thomas Bassett (b. 1789) and wife Swindinia
Isaac Bassett (b. 1826) and wife Frances
George Thomas Bassett (b. 1856) and wife Mary Jane Pickup
George Arthur Bassett (b. 1882) and wife Alice Schofield

Photo of George Bassett courtesty of his granddaughter Joan Bassett

* * * * *

Section 5 - Featured Bassett: William and Elias Bassett of Ohio

A Bassett descended from William Bassett, brother to Elias Bassett, has taken part in the DNA project. This participant matched the descendant of Elias Bassett on 25/25 markers giving supporting evidence that William and Elias are indeed brothers.

87B. Unknown Bassett

        These brothers are possibly sons of William Bassett, born 1762 in Ashford, Kent County, England and Susanna Bensted, born 1766 in Ashford, Kent County, England. William and Susanna were married 30 Jun 1787 in Ashford, Kent County, England. Mother of William is listed as Alice Bassett on his christening record. They arrived in the Port of New York in 1830 on the ship Westminster. They moved to Huron County 1832.
        I also found a record for Fanny Bassett, daughter of William and Fanny Bassett, born 5 Apr 1797 in Mill Bay Baptist, Folkestone, Kent, England.

        87B1. Mary Bassett - born 1788.

    +        87B1. William Bassett - christened 6 Nov 1796 in Folkestone, Kent County, England, died 6 Jul 1862, married Jane Pelham in England.

    +        87B2. Elias Bassett - born 23 Jan 1803 in Mill Bay Baptist, Folkestone, Kent, England, married (1) Fanny Morford on 17 Jul 1826
            2) Jane Lillie Henry (3) Melissa Durham.

* * * * *

Section 6 - New family lines combined or added since the last newsletter

        The following family lines have been added since the last newsletter.

 419B. Charles Morse Bassett of Indiana & Kansas (b. 1876)

 * * * * *

Section 7 - DNA project update.

August was a big month for the project. We added 8 new Bassett participants. Some of these kits have already been returned and will be reported in future newsletter.

Donations of any amount can be made to the Bassett DNA project by clicking on the link below. Any funds donated will be used to fund select Bassett DNA tests that will further our project as a whole and benefit all Bassetts worldwide.


This is just a reminder that the DNA portion of the Bassett Family Association can be found at:


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If you don't have Excel and can't open the spreadsheet above, you can now see the DNA test results at the following website.


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