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Splinters From The Tree October 2010

(1) Welcome
(2) Lloyd Bassett Baseball Card
(3) Blessed Andrew Bessette, of St. Joseph's Oratory in Montreal, Saint
(4) Edmund Bassett of New Zealand
(5) Richard Capers Bassett of Barnwell, South Carolina Bassetts
(6) Dr. Aaron Bassett of Barre, Massachusetts and son Dr. Eugene A. Bassett
(7) New family lines combined or added since the last newsletter
(8) DNA project update

Section 1 - Welcome

This newsletter dated 17 Oct 2010 marks a historic day for the Bessette/Bassett family of Quebec. Blessed Andre Bessette is to be canonized by Pope Benedict XVI today in St. Peter's Square. Read more about him in one of this month's articles.

I will be speaking on "The Bassett DNA y-chromosome project" at the Illinois State Genealogical Fall Conference being held in Peoria, Illinois on Saturday, October 23, 2010.  Futures talks are also scheduled for Schaumburg, Illinois and Kane County, Illinois for 2011. I will publish those dates the month before each talk.

Several new lines have been added to my research and several new participants have joined the Bassett DNA project.

* * * * *

Section 2 - Featured Bassett: Lloyd Bassett Baseball Card

I purchased the following card on ebay.

Lloyd Bassett Baseball Card front Lloyd Bassett Baseball Card back

Lloyd Bassett was originally featured in the April 2007 newsletter. Click on the link below to read the original article.


* * * * *

Section 3 - Featured Bassett: Blessed Andre Bessette of St. Joseph's Oratory, Montreal

Thousands of Bassetts descend from the #14 Jean Besset family of Quebec, changing their name from Bessette to Bassett when they moved to the United States during the 1800's. One descendant of this family that kept the original spelling is Blessed Andre Bessette.

Originally born Edward Bessette, Pope Benedict XVI will canonize him in St. Peter's Square on 17 Oct 2010.

Blessed Andre Bessette (Edward Bessette) descends from #14 Jean Besset of Quebec as follows:
Jean Besset and wife Anne Seigneur
Jean Besset (b. 1672) and wife Anne Benoit
Jean Francois Besset (b. 1714) and wife Marie Joseph Girard
Joseph Besset (b. 1753) and wife Marie Francoise Barriere
Joseph Besset (b. 1779) and wife Angelique Georges
Isaac Bessette (b. 1807) and wife Clothilde Foisy
Alfred Bessette (b. 9 Aug 1845 in Montreal)

Brother Andre
Statue of Brother Andre, St. Joseph's Oratory, Montreal
Brother Andre
Statue of Brother Andre, St. Joseph's Oratory, Montreal

Catholic News Service, 4 October 2010
Blessed Andre Bessette will be Holy Cross Brothers' first saint

VATICAN CITY (CNS) - Blessed Andre Bessette, 1845 - 1937, the founder of St. Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal in Montreal, will be the Holy Cross Brothers' first saint when he is canonized Oct. 17 at the Vatican.

Blessed Andre is known for his intense piety, famed for miraculous cures and praised for his dedication to seeing the oratory built.

He was born Alfred Bessette Aug. 9, 1845, near Montreal. He was one of 12 children and suffered from a chronic stomach ailment that kept him out of school and often without work. His father died when he was 9 and his mother died when he was 12.

When he entered the Congregation of the Holy Cross in 1870, his childhood parish priest, Father Andre Provencal, sent a letter to the novice master saying, "I am sending a saint to your congregation."

For 40 years, Brother Andre served as the doorman of Notre Dame College, the community's school in Montreal. He developed and spread devotion to St. Joseph and, through his healing touch, thousands of people were cured;  he became known as the "Miracle Man of Montreal."

* * * * *

Section 4 - Featured Bassett: Edmund Bassett of New Zealand

Edmund Bassett descends from #300B Thomas Bassett of Okehampton, Devonshire, England as follows:

Thomas Bassett and wife Charity Lane
Thomas Bassett (b. 1740) and wife Ann
Francis Bassett (b. 1768) and wife Elizabeth Macey
William Bassett (b. 1810) and wife Mary (Syms) Rooks
Francis Bassett (b. 1849) and wife Sarah Parkins
Edmund Bassett

Evening Post, 21 February 1877
Mary Bassett

The friends of William Bassett, Shoemaker Petone are respectfully invited to the funeral of his late wife Mary which will leave his residence on Thursday, 23rd February at 3:30 pm. Henry Collette, Undertaker, Petone.

Edmund Bassett was born 22 Jun 1886 in Bunnythorpe, Manawatu, New Zealand. He died 23 Nov 1917 in Belgium from wounds received during World War I. He married Alice Elizabeth Layzell 22 Dec 1909 in Palmerston North, New Zealand.

Edmund and Elizabeth had three sons pictured below:
Edmund Francis Bassett - born 5 Mar 1911 in Dannevirke, New Zealand
William Bassett - born 11 Sep 1912 in Weber, New Zealand
James Clarence Bassett - born 21 Jun 1913 in Dannevirke, New Zealand

Edmund Bassett
Edmund Bassett family
Edmund Bassett
Edmund Bassett family
Both pictures courtesy of "Adopt an Anzac Project"

* * * * *

Section 5 - Featured Bassett; Richard Capers Bassett of Barnwell County, South Carolina

Work continues on the process of sorting out all of the Bassetts of Barnwell County, South Carolina. It is thought that the family of John Morrison Bassett is somehow descended from the #48B Francis Bassett family of Barnwell County, South Carolina, but no proof of this has been found yet and no male Bassett from this line has taken part in the Bassett DNA project to prove this theory.

I will have more on the combination of the different Barnwell County, South Carolina families over the next few months.

John Morrison Bassett (b. 1790) of Barnwell County, South Carolina
Richard W. Bassett (b. 1815) and wife Harriet Grimes
Richard Capers Bassett (b. 1850, died 1937)

Richard Capers "Cape" Bassett and wife
Richard Capers "Cape"  Bassett and wife
Picture courtesy of David James Piquette

* * * * *

Section 6 - Featured Bassett: Dr. Aaron Bassett of Barre, Massachusetts and son Dr. Eugene A. Bassett

Aaron Bassett is descended from #1A William Bassett of Plymouth, Massachusetts as follows:

William Bassett and wife Elizabeth
Nathaniel Bassett (b. 1628) and wife Dorcas Joyce
Joseph Bassett (b. 1669) and wife Susannah Howes
Joseph Bassett (b. 1709) and wife Mary Whelden
Samuel Bassett (b. 1748) and wife Lucretia Crowell
Barnabas Bassett (b. 1771) and wife Peggy Gaslin
Dr. Aaron Bassett (b. 1810) and wife Jane S. Clark
Eugene A. Bassett

342.411. Aaron Bassett, son of Barnabas Bassett

        Aaron Bassett, son of Barnabas and Peggy (Gaslin) Bassett, was born 24 May 1810 in Augusta, Maine. He died 11 May 1888 in Chicago, Illinois, aged 77 years, 11 months, 17 days. He married Jane S. Clark on 1 Apr 1840 in Norwich, Connecticut.
        Aaron was an eclectic physician practicing in Barre, Massachusetts.

        3424111. Eugene A. Bassett - born in Norwich, Connecticut. He married Mary E. Gorham on 5 May 1863 in Barre, Massachusetts. They had a daughter Florence E. Bassett, born 14 May 1863 in Barre. The  family moved to Chicago, Illinois.

        3424112. Jane S. Bassett - born 11 Dec 1844 in Webster, Massachusetts.

        3424113. Egbert Bassett - born 11 Mar 1846 in Worcester, Massachusetts.

        3424114. Ella F. Bassett - born 8 Apr 1849 in Wendall, Massachusetts.

        3424115. Minnie Franklin Bassett - born 12 Mar 1857 in Malden, Massachusetts.

Chicago Daily Tribune, 7 Jul 1907
Dr. Eugene A. Bassett

        Dr. Eugene A. Bassett, age 66, of Chicago, died at his Barre, Mass., home yesterday of Bright’s disease. He was a graduate of Harvard Medical school.

Dr. Aaron Bassett of Barre, Massachusetts
Dr. Aaron Bassett of Barre, Massachusetts

* * * * *

Section 7 - New family lines combined or added since the last newsletter
        The following family lines have been added since the last newsletter.

 452B.  William Bassett of Hythe, Kent, England (b. 1718)
 453B.  Mason Bassett of Connecticut (b. 1800)
 454B.  Ellen Jones Bassett of Caernarvonshire, Wales (b. 1870)
 455B. Anson Bassett of New York (b. 1804)
 456B. Samuel St. Clair Bassett of England (b. 1850's)
 457B. Joseph Bassett of Barby, Northampton, England (b. 1685)

 * * * * *

Section 8 - DNA project update

Several new participants joined the DNA project and results will be reported each month as they are received. I am expecting results from the #151B John Bassett of Bedford, New York in time for the next newsletter as well as complete results for a descendant of William Bassett of Plymouth as well.

Donations of any amount can be made to the Bassett DNA project by clicking on the link below. Any funds donated will be used to fund select Bassett DNA tests that will further our project as a whole and benefit all Bassetts worldwide.


This is just a reminder that the DNA portion of the Bassett Family Association can be found at:


A current spreadsheet of results can be found at:


If you don't have Excel and can't open the spreadsheet above, you can now see the DNA test results at the following website.


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