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Splinters From The Tree April 2011

(1) Welcome
(2) DNA results of Richard Bassett of Mathews County, Virginia
(3) Albert Bassett of Lowville, New York
(4) Bassett owned East Shore Smokehouse Bar & Grill of Polson, Montana
(5) Picture of James Henry Taylor Bassett and DNA results from his family
(6) Bassetts of Tittensor, Staffordshire, England
(7) New family lines combined or added since the last newsletter
(7) DNA project update

Section 1 - Welcome

I want to thank the people that made donations towards the Bassett DNA project this past month. We have raised enough funds to pay for several more DNA tests for the year.

DNA results for several Bassett lines were received during the past two months. Each of these results are presented this month with a short article or picture from the family line that they belong to.

The main feature this month deals with the transportation firm and Bassett family from Tittensor, Staffordshire, England. I want to thank Sandra Bassett for sending my a copy of the book Bassetts of Tittensor, 100 Years of Transport  and copies of several old pictures from the company archives along with the article included below.

* * * * *

Section 2 - Featured Bassett: DNA Results of Richard Bassett of Mathews County, Virginia

Among the descendants of #10B Richard Bassett of Mathews County, Virginia is noted historian John Spencer Bassett.
He was featured in a previous newsletter. Click on the link below to read more about him and his family.


DNA results are now back for a descendant of #10B  Richard Bassett. As hoped and expected, this family matches the other three Bassett families from Mathews County, Virginia.

These Bassetts were located very near the Bassetts of Eltham, but so far the connection to that family has not been found.

Below is information on Richard Bassett and his children.


10B. Richard Bassett

        Richard Bassett was born between 1790 and 1800. He married Caroline  Spencer. She was born between 1800 and 1810. They lived in Mathews County, Virginia. They later moved to Williamsburg, Virginia. Richard and his son were contractors and architects.
        According to the obituary of his grandson, Richard Bassett had a brother named William Bassett.

1840 Mathews County, Virginia
Richard Bassett    1100001-3111010
1m0-5, 1m5-10, 1m40-50, 3f05, 1f5-10, 1f10-15, 1f15-20, 1f30-40

    +        10B1. William Amos Bassett - born about 1826 in Virginia, married Chloe  Miller.
    +        10B2. Richard Baxter Bassett - born 20 Sep 1832, died 23 Mar 1902, married Mary Jane Wilson 17 Sep 1862.

    +        10B3. Lucy Bassett - born 1835 in Williamsburg, Virginia, died 1903, married John Fenton Daugherty.

Stain class window found at Lakewood Baptist Church in Durham, North Carolina





Close up of window

Stain class window found at Lakewood Baptist Church in Durham, North Carolina
Close up of window
Pictures courtesy of Faye Bassett

Albert Lacey Bassett whose name appears in the above window, was a brother to John Spencer Bassett and grandson of #10 Richard Bassett.

Below are the results from all four different Bassett families with roots in Mathews County, Virginia.


* * * * *

Section 3 - Featured Bassett: Albert Bassett of Lowville, New York

The following newspaper stories deal with the disappearance of Albert Bassett of Lowville, New York. He was missing from home for several years.

Albert descends from William Bassett of Plymouth, Massachusetts as follows:

William Bassett and wife Elizabeth
Nathaniel Bassett (b. 1628) and wife Dorcas Joyce
Nathan Bassett (b. 1677) and wife Mary Crowell
Nathaniel Bassett (b. 1712) and wife Sarah Chase
Nathaniel Bassett (b. 1755) and wife Mercy Phillips
Nathaniel Bassett (b. 1778) and wife Rhoda Eldridge
Elisha Bassett (b. 1804) and wife Sarah Keach
Albert F. Bassett (b. 1834) and wife Angeline Luther
Albert F. Bassett Jr.

The Journal and Republican, Thursday, July 15, 1908
Creates Big Hullabaloo
Albert Bassett Left Lowville on Monday, July 6th
His Prolonged Absence Inspired Blood Curdling Stories
And the Sheriffs of Two Counties and Members of Local Order of Knights of Columbus Search for Him – Located in Canada

        The disappearance of Albert Bassett, proprietor of the meat market on Shady avenue in this village, has caused no small degree of apprehension. On Monday morning, July 6th, Mr. Bassett took the 8:41 train north, ostensibly to go to Black River to hire a meat cutter. He went to that place but failed to make arrangements with the man he wished to hire. At about one o’clock he took dinner at the Black River hotel and told the waitress and bartender that he was going to Pine Camp to see the soldiers and inquired the best way to get there. He was told to leave the train at Great Bend, and go over from there, and the he could get a train at the camp at about 5 o’clock which would get him to Lowville at 6:48 p.m.
        When Mr. Bassett left Lowville he had in his possession about $225 in cash besides some checks, which represented the receipts at his market from the close of banking hours on Friday, July 3d, up to Saturday night, July 4th being a holiday. Mr. Bassett had no opportunity to deposit the cash or checks. Those in a position to know whereof they speak say that his business is in good financial condition. His home relations are, and always have been, o’ the most pleasant character, which, coupled with the fact that Mr. Bassett has never used stimulants in any form, gave rise to the supposition of foul play. When Mr. Bassett left home he stated that he would return Monday evening, and his daughter went to the station to meet him. This was the first time he ever remained away beyond the stated time for his return, and it naturally gave rise to uneasiness on the part of his family and friends, which became more and more intensified as day after day passed. Sheriff George S. Hubbard, of Lowville, and Sheriff Bellinger, of Jefferson county, accompanied by D.E. Kent, of this village, instituted a search for Mr. Bassett last Saturday. They traced him as far as the Black River hotel, but no further. They visited Pine Camp, and on their return to Great Bend searched along the river bank, all to no purpose. On Sunday about 25 members of O.J. McMorrow Council, K. of C., of which Mr. Bassett is a member, went to Great Bend and devoted the day to a systematic search, but nothing new developed.
        Two theories were advanced as to Mr. Bassett’s disappearance. One was that he had been murdered and robbed and his body thrown into the Black river or buried. As a result of these suppositions, sensational and blood curdling stories have appeared in several daily newspapers, and space writers have reaped a rich harvest. The other theory was that Bassett had probably become temporarily deranged and wandered away. In substantiation of this theory it was cited that for some time he has been subject to severe headaches. However, the search was continued from day to day and nothing tangible was unearthed until Tuesday of this week, when it was learned from Merrit Harris, a traveling salesman who represents T.B. Thomas, of Utica, saw Mr. Bassett at the depot in Carthage last week Monday afternoon; that he tried to sell him a bill of goods, but Mr. Bassett said that there was nothing he wanted in his line just at present. Mr. Bassett told Mr. Harris that he had a little business to transact in Carthage and would return to Lowville on the evening train. This was the last information obtained of his whereabouts until yesterday. Mr. Bassett carried a life insurance policy  with the New York Mutual Life Insurance company, and the local agent, T. J. O’Conner, last Monday sent a newspaper clipping giving an account of Mr. Bassett’s disappearance, to P.J. Ryan, of Syracuse, the district manager of the company. Yesterday forenoon Mr. O’Conner received a telephone call from Mr. Ryan, who informed him that he had just received a letter from Bassett, dated Port Union, Ontario, July 12th, in which he enclosed $17 in payment of the premium due on his policy July 17th. The letter stated that owing to the fact that he was unable to procure a New York draft in Canada, he (Bassett) enclosed the cash, a part of which was in Canada money, and that if the same was not all right, he would make it so upon his return to Lowville in a few days. He directed that the receipt be sent to Lowville. This is the last information obtained in regard to the whereabouts of Mr. Bassett, and those who have been active in the search do not express any disposition to continued it further. They feel that no harm has come to him, and that when he gets ready to rerun he will do so without their aid, and can make his own explanations. Mr. Bassett may be off on a little pleasure trip, but be that is it many, the occurrence has served to create a big hullabaloo, and his friends have been put ton considerable expense and anxiety. Mr. Bassett formerly lived in Canada, and his mother and sister are still residents of Farnham, Quebec. This place, however, is a long distance from Port Union, Ont., from which village his letter to Mr. Ryan was dated.
        This morning the family received from Mr. Ryan, of Syracuse, the letter written by Mr. Bassett at Port Union, Ont. It is in the handwriting of Mr. Bassett.
        Mr. Bassett purchased the Shady avenue meat market form J.F. Kilbourn about one yaer ago, and at that time removed to Lowville with his wife and three children. Possibly he may have written his family in regard to his absence and plans, but if so, the letter went astray, for nothing has been received, since his departure ten days ago.

The Journal and Republican, Thursday, July 23, 1908
Still Missing
Nothing is Known of the Whereabouts of Albert Bassett,
Who Disappeared July 6th

        The whereabouts of Albert Bassett, during the past year proprietor of the Shady avenue meat market, who disappeared July 6th, is as much a mystery as at any time since he took his departure. The last trace of him was at Port Clinton, Ontario, where he mailed a letter to the Mutual Life Insurance company on July 12th. Letters received from his mother the present week, who resided in Canada, state that Bassett has not put in an appearance at her home, and further that she has secured no trace of him. No particular effort is being put forth to locate Bassett. Those in charge of the Shady avenue market say the business is in good shape, and just why Bassett took it “upon himself to skiddo will be up to him to explain when he returns to Lowville – if he ever returns. What to do with the Shady avenue market, and how to do it, is a proposition, but probably some legal way will be found in which to handle it, provided Bassett does not put in an appearance in a few days.

Watertown Daily Times, Tuesday Afternoon, November 16, 1909
In Surrogate Court, Lowville

        In the matter of the accounting of Celia Bassett, as temporary administrator of the estate of Albert Bassett, absentee, citation returned for judicial settlement of accounts of administrator and decree entered settling said accounts.

The Lowville Herald, Friday, May 8, 1911
Albert Bassett Returns To His Family
Former Proprietor of Lowville Meat Market

        The culminating incident in a mysterious episode which had its beginning in this village about two years ago, and in which the central figure was Albert F. Bassett, at that time proprietor of the Shady avenue meat market, has been added, so it is reported upon good authority. It will be remembered that Mr. Bassett suddenly and unaccountably disappeared from this village about two years ago and exhaustive search revealed no clue to the reason for his strange action nor for some time discovered any trace of his whereabouts. Mr. Bassett’s financial affairs were found upon investigation to be in excellent condition and no other assignable cause was known for his strange disappearance. As it was known that he had a considerable sum of money on his person at the time there were suspicions of foul play and many wild stories were rife concerning his absence. A large encampment of soldiers was quartered at Pine Plains then and there were some who professed to believe that he had met his end on the plains. Searching parties were organized composed mainly of men from the Maccabees and the Knights of Columbus, both of which organizations he was a member and the country was thoroughly scoured for trace of him. Finally, however, information was received that the missing man had been seen in Canada and further search was abandoned. Attempts of interested parties to locate Bassett in Canada however were of no avail as he immediately departed from the place where he was first recognized. His family, consisting of a wife and children remained in this village until last fall since which time they have been living in Oswego. It is now authentically reported that Bassett had joined them at that place and that he has been living for some time past in Massachusetts.

* * * * *

Section 4 - Featured Bassett: East Shore Smokehouse Bar & Grill located in Polson, Montana

If you are travelling anywhere near Flathead Lake in Montana this year, make sure you stop in at the East Shore Smokehouse owned by Jim Bassett.

East Shore Smokehouse

Click on the link below to read more about this restaurant.


Section 5 - Featured Bassett: James Henry Taylor Bassett of New Zealand

James Henry Taylor Bassett descends from the #73B James  Bassett of England as follows:

James Bassett and wife Elizabeth
John Bassett (b. 1773) and wife Mary Hopkins
Alfred Bassett (b. 1810) and wife Mary Ann Thompson
Alfred Bassett (b. 1834) and wife Ellen Eliza Taylor
James Henry Taylor Bassett (b. 1859)

Picture of James Henry Taylor Bassett
Picture of James Henry Taylor Bassett

A second descendant (kit #195892) of James Henry Taylor Bassett took part in DNA testing. He matched his cousin exactly on 37/37 markers.
Results from this family group are shown below.

* * * * *

Section 6 - Featured Bassett: Bassetts of Tittensor, Staffordshire, England

R.G. Bassett Transport     Photo Courtesy of David A. Smith
R.G. Bassett Transport     Photo Courtesy of David A. Smith

The Bassetts of Tittensor, England descend from #16B John Bassett of Alstonfield, Staffordshire, England. It is possible that John Bassett is descended from Thomas Bassett of Hints or one of his close relatives, but the link has not yet been found.

The first three generations of this family are shown below.


16B. John Bassett of Beresford, Alstonfield.

        John Bassett was a miller of Beresford, Alstonfield, Staffordshire. He was buried 11 Sep 1667 in Alstonfield, aged 95 years. He married Dorothy. She was buried on 20 Nov 1662.

        16B1. John Bassett - christened 7 Sep 1603 in Alstonfield, buried 18 Jun 1623. He possibly had Olive Bassett, christened 17 Mar 1622 in
            Alstonfield, and Mary Bassett, christened 5 Jul 1625 in Alstonfield.

    +        16B2. George Bassett - christened 19 Oct 1605 in Alstonfield, Stafford.

        16B3. Anne Bassett - christened 29 May 1608 in Alstonfield, buried 30 Jun 1608.

    +        16B4. Robert Bassett - christened 10 Sep 1609 in Alstonfield, of Gateham, buried 5 Apr 1686 in Alstonfield.

        16B5. Andrew Bassett - christened 13 Mar 1612 in Alstonfield.

        16B6. Henry Bassett - christened 14 Dec 1614 in Alstonfield, of Higham Alstonfield.

        16B7. Simon Bassett - christened 28 Oct 1617 in Alstonfield.


16B4. Robert Bassett, son of John Bassett

        Robert Bassett, son of John and Dorothy Bassett, was baptized 10 Sep 1609 in Alstonfield. He was buried 5 Apr 1686. He was of Gateham.

        16B41. Grace Bassett - christened 14 Jul 1644 in Alstonfield, Stafford.

        16B42. Ellen Bassett - christened 25 Dec 1647 in Alstonfield, Stafford.

    +        16B42. Robert Bassett - christined 15 Jan 1656/7 in Alstonfield, of Gateham. He married (1) Dorothy Bestwick on 28 May 1687. He married (2) Dorothy Ratcliffe on 18 Sep 1692.

        16B43. John Bassett - christened 5 Jul 1660 in Alstonfield, Stafford, died 26 Sep 1662.


16B42. Robert Bassett, son of Robert Bassett

        Robert Bassett, son of Robert Bassett, was baptized 15 Jan 1656/7 in Alstonfield. He was buried on 18 Feb 1721 in Alstonfield (Admon Lichfield). He was a carpenter and houseright of Gateham. He married (1) Dorothy Bestwick on 28 May 1687. She was buried 31 Apr 1688 in Alstonfield. He married (2) Dorothy Ratcliffe, daughter of Ralph and Sicily Ratcliffe of Sheen, on 18 Sep 1692. She was baptized 30 Jan 1670/1. She was buried 12 Apr 1748 in Alstonfield.

        Children by 1st wife.

        16B421. Joseph Bassett - christened 31 Apr 1688 in Alstonfield, Stafford. He possibly married Elizabeth and had John Bassett, christened 28 Sep 1718 in Alstonfield, and Sarah Bassett, christened 8 Oct 1721 in Alstonfield.

        Children by 2nd wife.

        16B422. Grace Bassett - christened 31 May 1698 in Alstonfield, Stafford, England, died 19 Jun 1699.

        16B423. Sarah Bassett - christened 30 Jun 1700 in Alstonfield.

    +        16B424. Ralph Bassett - christened 17 Aug 1704 in Alstonfield, was a wheelwright of Middle Mayfield, married Alice Oats, daughter of Thomas and Ann Oates of Middle Mayfield.

    +        16B425. Robert Bassett - christened 5 Nov 1707 in Alstonfield, was a yeoman of Boarsgrove, Alstonfield, married Joan Bonsel, daughter of Thomas and Ann (Mellor) Bonsel.

Bassett’s of Tittensor – Five Generations of Road Transport (Provided by Sandra Bassett)

R. G. Bassett & Sons Ltd, based at Transport House, Tittensor near Stoke, is a name which has been familiar to generations of local folk. Today Bassett’s is a market leader in the provision of U.K. Road Haulage, Warehousing and Driver Training Services.

The story of Bassett’s in transport began in 1897 with the founder of the firm, Joseph Bassett. Joseph lived and worked at Strongford Farm, between Trentham and Tittensor. He was a Victorian gentleman farmer who, inspired by the spirit of the age, saw relief from the drudgery of the land by letting steam power take the strain. But he went a step further than most, first becoming an agricultural contractor, and later a road builder.

From these early solid foundations the Company has, through vision, determination and the hard work of Joseph, his direct descendants Leonard John, Reginald (Reg) and the present Managing Directors, Leonard and Ashley Bassett, developed in to one of the region’s leading providers of quality road haulage, warehousing and transport industry training services.

Transport services evolve in many ways, as do the customers to which their services relate. Towards the end of the twentieth century, the Company saw the demise of many of its established industrial and manufacturing partners which it had been proud to serve for most of that era. Industries such as steel, tyres, pottery and mining were all significant contributors to both the local economy and Bassett’s traffic portfolio. Regrettably those are now valued memories and reserved for the history books.

The intervening years have presented many opportunities and challenges in respect of all operational aspects of the family Company. Vehicle technology developed from a humble beginning using horses and carts to steam powered vehicles. Then petrol engines gave way to modern day diesel-engine lorries, which have capacities up to 480 brake horse power, operating to Euro 5 specification. This environmentally friendly equipment assists the delivery of consolidated part and full loads of up to 28 tonnes throughout Great Britain, either on a dedicated or spot-hire basis.

L.J. Bassett Foster Steam Wagon
L.J. Bassett & Son Foden Truck
L.J. Bassett Foster Steam Wagon
L.J. Bassett & Son Foden Truck
Photos Courtesy of Sandra Bassett

The majority of goods are transported by the Company’s own dedicated modern fleet of 35 vehicles and 60 trailers which encompasses a comprehensive range of vehicle specifications to facilitate the wide-ranging service requirements of Bassett’s extensive customer base.

Undoubtedly the strength of the Company has always been its ability, flexibility and sustained willingness to encompass change in every area of its operations. In order to offer clients the opportunity to deliver to all parts of the country on a next-day basis, Bassett’s became a founder member-shareholder of Palletforce plc in 2001. The Company is one of the largest inputters of pallets into the Palletforce network which incorporates 90 members located nationwide and provides access to a combined fleet of over 4,000 vehicles.

In 2008 members of the fifth generation of the family, Claire and Laurence Bassett were appointed as Directors of R.G. Bassett & Sons Ltd. They joined an experienced and innovative management team totally dedicated to the sustained provision of high standards of quality service at cost effective rates. Whilst current operations are focused around general road transport and its logistical parallels, Bassett’s, over its long history, has successfully diversified into passenger transport (Bassett’s Coachways Ltd: 1949-2003) and also moved into international haulage, having acquired the operating assets of Beresford Transport Ltd in 1996.

Bassetts of Tittensor Coach Bus, courtesy of Christopher Leach
Bassetts of Tittensor Coach Bus, courtesy of Christopher Leach

During the Company’s long history, Bassett’s has been proud and privileged to have employed many local people, who have greatly assisted in the provision of a professional service to both the traditional and emerging industries of North Staffordshire.

Today, still a family-run Company after more than a century in business, Bassett’s looks forward to working with its valued clients across all industry sectors, to service their transport requirements, and facilitate the progressive development of logistical partnerships to meet the challenges of the twenty first century.

Joseph Bassett, who founded the firm when Queen Victoria sill reigned, would surely have been astonished and proud to see what his successors have achieved.

Bassetts of Tittensor, 100 Years of Transport book cover

From  Bassetts of Tittensor, 100 Years of Transport  (1897-1997), we have the following:

The Bassetts of Tittensor

Joseph Bassett 1853-1926
married Mary Ellen Hall
Leonard John Bassett (1886-1935)
married Mary Clare Weaver
Reginald Guy Bassett (1912-1991)
married Clarice Marjorie Shaw
Leonard John Bassett                  Michael Ashley Bassett

To read more about Bassett Group Holdings Ltd., click on the link below.


* * * * *

Section 7 - New family lines combined or added since the last newsletter

        The following family lines have been combined/eliminated since the last newsletter.

335B.  Joseph Bassett into the 39B Bassetts of Norfolk, England family line  

        The following family lines have been added since the last newsletter.

 335B.    John and son Thomas Bassett of Pentrebach, Glamorgan, Wales (Thomas married 1837)
 443B.    Edgar M. Bassett of Ogdensburg, St. Lawrence County, New York (b. 1821 Massachusetts)
 458B.   Thomas Bassett of Bristol, Gloucester, England  

 * * * * *

Section 8 -DNA project update

A second descendant of #87B William Bassett of Ohio took part in DNA testing and he matched his distant cousin on 36/37 markers with just one mutation. The results of both of these tests are shown below.

Donations of any amount can be made to the Bassett DNA project by clicking on the link below. Any funds donated will be used to fund select Bassett DNA tests that will further our project as a whole and benefit all Bassetts worldwide.


This is just a reminder that the DNA portion of the Bassett Family Association can be found at:


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If you don't have Excel and can't open the spreadsheet above, you can now see the DNA test results at the following website.


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