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Splinters From The Tree July 2012

(1) Welcome
(2) Lewis L. Bassett of Philadelphia and Bassett Cheese
(3) Dai Bassett, The Singing Farmer
(4) Charles Bassett of Michigan, Civil War Veteran
(5) Henry Davis Bassett of Massachusetts & Chicago, Shoe Manufacturer
(6) Edward Bassett of Berlin, Wisconsin
(7) James Bassett, Court Conjurer
(8) New family lines combined or added since the last newsletter
(9) DNA project update

Section 1 - Welcome

For anyone that might have possibly tried making a donation towards the Bassett DNA project during the past few months, I found out recently that the link was no longer working. I have fixed this link and you can once again make a donation towards the DNA project.

The following trees were added to the Bassett website database since the last newsletter:

    4B   William Bassett of Lynn, Massachusetts (2663 individuals)
    8B  John Bassett of Hunterdon County, New Jersey  (1908 individuals)
116B  Bassett of Rothwell, Northampton, England (68 individuals)
224B. John Bassett of Rotherfield, Sussex, England (162 individuals)
225B. Frederic Bassett of Michigan (13 individuals)
226B. Bassett of Mawgan, Cornwall (56 individuals)
227B. John Bassett of London, England (17 individuals)
228B. Samuel Bassett of New Jersey (57 individuals)
229B. John Bassett of Cornwall (134 individuals)
407B  Bassett of Magor, Monmouth, Wales (22 individuals)

* * * * *

Section 2 - Featured Bassett: Lewis L. Bassett of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

More than 2,500 descendants of the #4B William Bassett family of Lynn, Massachusetts have now been added to the Bassett website database.

Lewis L. Bassett descends from #4B William Bassett as follows:
William Bassett (b. 1623) and wife Sarah Burt
Elisha Bassett (b. 1649) and wife Elizabeth Collins Daniel
Daniel Bassett (b. 1694) and wife Mary Lawrence
Elijah Bassett (b. 1735) and wife Rhoda
Zebedee Bassett  (b. 1778)
Zacheus Bassett (b. 1803) and wife Elizabeth Dickinson
Lewis Dubois Bassett (b. 1828) and wife Caroline Titus
Lewis Lafayette Bassett (b. 1873) and wife Louise Austie Snyder

To read the original article about this family and Bassetts Ice Cream, click on the link below.


Below I have found two new ads related to Lewis L. Bassett.

Philadelphia Inquirer, December 7, 1914
Philadelphia Inquirer, December 5, 1915
Philadelphia Inquirer
December 7, 1914
Philadelphia Inquirer
December 5, 1915

* * * * *

Section 3 - Featured Bassett: Dai Bassett, The Signing Farmer

David "Dai" Bassett descends from #117B Charles Bassett of Cowbridge, Wales as follows:

Charles Bassett (b. 1702)
Thomas Bassett  and wife Jane Leyson
Richard Bassett (b. 1754) and wife Elizabeth Edmunds
John Bassett (b. 1805) and wife Elizabeth Griffith
John Bassett (b. 1844) and wife Margaret Richards
William John Bassett (b. 1880) and wife Mary A. Williams
William John Bassett Jr.
David Bassett

About Dai Bassett

Dai Bassett started his career in entertainment in the late 1980's. Writing his own material - with hilarious songs and poems - gives Dai the freedom to bring to his audiences wit and sharp comedy talent that this amiable Welshman possesses.
His original songs and poems include The Cat is in the Milk Tank, Tom Dick and Harrys' three legged chicken, My ole' mans a golfer, and Paddys' driving test.

His musical background and his growing-up through the 'Young Farmers Movement' drama and public speaking programs in the UK, have led Dai into professional acting roles and brought him considerable demand as a formal MC and speaker. Dai branched into broadcasting in 2007, and now has his own daily radio show on the Ottawa Valley's favorite radio station, CJHR 98.7FM - Valley Heritage Radio.

With three CD's to his name, Dai shares his comedic abilities from experiences in Wales and in Canada. He also has several love songs to his name, further illustrating his versatility. Equally at home in a tuxedo as the master of ceremonies, in a cap and rubber 'wellie' boots as The Singing Farmer, or in the studio as an on-air personality, Dai invites you to continue browsing through his website and to contact him for any information on booking or CD purchases.

Dai Bassett


Dai has performed as The Singing Farmer for over 20 years. He writes songs and poems, and tells stories suited to all ages, which will appeal to a broad spectrum of society. A typical engagement would last between 45 minutes and an hour - sometimes shorter, sometimes longer - depending on the requirements for your occasion. Dai is a true entertainer who really captures the humour in everyday situations, and many of his songs and poems reflect this. His repertoire includes many funny compositions which are guaranteed to hold an audience captive (See Song List).

Suitable for golf clubs, rugby clubs, rotary clubs, civitan groups, or any social event that requires top quality entertainment. The Singing Farmer is guaranteed to please. He specializes in mixed audiences and guarantees a clean show at which everyone is sure to laugh and nobody will be offended.

Dai has a serious side, and has enjoyed success with love songs and ballads as well. "My Only Perfection" is very frequently requested on radio in The Ottawa Valley as is "When You Come Home".

Seniors Residences always enjoy a performance by The Singing Farmer, and Dai is a frequent repeat visitor to many of these wonderful establishments. He has a great rapport with the older generation, and when called upon in also able to introduce a few hymns when the audience will often join in. Dai says humourously, "Hymns are like people, the old ones are often the best!".

Dai Bassett


Dai began his broadcasting career as a full time radio host in January 2007. Invited to be a daytime host of an easy listening music show, he seemed to fall into this role as a natural! Able to "chat with" rather than "speak at" his listeners, Dai's show on the community radio station CJHR 98.7 Valley Heritage Radio (VHR) has been popular from day one.

From 10 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday, Dai's show includes news, sports, and weather updates. There is "Taste of the Valley" - a popular daily recipe section - and a large range of popular music from the past and present. "Our station has a huge variety of musical genres and special interest shows, and it is a tremendous privilege to be part of such a success as VHR" says Dai.

The people of the Ottawa Valley have welcomed us onto the airwaves, and we will be keeping them company in their daily lives for many years to come. Dai's friend Wil is a daily source of hilarious anecdotes on his show, and with two thumbs on his left hand, a flat head, and webbed feet, he is illustrated on the back of Dai's third CD, "Three Thumbs Up".

To Visit his website, click on the link http://www.daibassett.com

* * * * *

Section 4 - Featured Bassett: Charles Bassett of Michigan, Civil War Veteran

The parents of Charles Bassett are not yet known. He was born Mar 1833 in Vermont and died 6 Feb 1923 in Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama. He married Amelia Veit.

Charles Bassett of Michigan
Daily Herald, Mississippi, June 17, 1918
Daily Herald, Mississippi, June 17, 1918

* * * * *

Section 5 - Featured Bassett: Henry Davis Bassett of Doggett, Bassett & Hills Co. of Chicago

Henry Davis Bassett descends from William Bassett of Plymouth as follows:

William Bassett and wife Elizabeth
Joseph Bassett (b. 1635) and wife Mary Lapham
William Bassett (b. 1677) and wife Sarah Sweetland
Joseph Bassett (b. 1696) and wife Elizabeth Ames
Joseph Bassett (b. 1731) and wife Phebe Cushman
Caleb Bassett (b. 1757) and wife Bethiah Keith
Caleb Bassett (b. 1787) and wife Mary Holmes
Henry Davis Bassett (b. 1817)

Encyclopedia of Chicago
Doggett, Bassett & Hills Co.

One of Chicago’s first shoe dealers and manufacturers, this enterprise was founded as Ward & Doggett in 1846 by William E. Doggett and George L. Ward. In 1856, when the company was employing about 40 manufacturing workers and doing about $350,000 in annual wholesale sales, the name of the company became Doggett, Bassett & Hills. By the early 1870s, the company’s factory on Lake Street had about 100 employees, who made $250,000 worth of shoes a year. By the 1880s, the firm’s yearly sales had topped $1 million, but, soon after, the company declined and disappeared.

Doggett, Bassett & Hills Co. Advertising Card
Doggett, Bassett & Hills Co. Advertising Card
provided by Daniel Carpenter

Boston Journal, September 12, 1891
Mr. Henry D. Bassett

        Mr. Henry D. Bassett died at his residence on Centre street, Newton, yesterday, at the advanced age of 74 years. He was born in Middleboro’, had resided in Newton 34 years, was a member of Eliot Church, and was a respected member of the community in which he had lived for such a long period. He was once a partner in the wholesale and retail boot and shoe house of Doggett, Bassett & Hill of Chicago, at one time one of the largest Western shoe firms, and he had been retired about ten years. For many years he had suffered from total blindness. He leaves a widow and three daughters. The funeral will occur from his late residence Monday afternoon at 2 o’clock.

* * * * *

Section 6 - Featured Bassett: Edward Bassett of Berlin, Wisconsin

Edward Bassett descends from William Bassett of Plymouth as follows:

William Bassett and wife Elizabeth
William Bassett (b. 1624) and wife Mary Rainsford
William Bassett (b. 1656) and wife Rachel Williston
Nathan Bassett (b. 1685) and wife Mary Stetson
Joshua Bassett (b. 1723) and wife Martha McCarroll
Joshua Bassett (b. 1757) and wife Lydia Lawrence
Abiram Lawrence Bassett (b. 1803) and wife Hannah Kinney
Edward Bassett (b. 1838) and wife Martha Chase

From "History of the Town of Cortlandville"

        Joshua Bassett was another of the first prominent citizens to locate on the site of Cortland village. His residence stood where Calvert block now is. He with his son, W.H. Bassett, were the first jewelers and silversmiths in the place.
        We have spoken of Joshua Bassett as having been the first jeweler in the village. Of his family and others of his time we quote as follows from Mr. Ballard: "In the third number of the first village paper, and over the date of July 12th, 1815, Joshua Bassett and his son, William H. Bassett, announce to the public that they are clock and watchmakers, gold and silversmiths and have lately opened their shop in Cortland, where they make to order all kinds of work in their lines, having recently received from New York a fresh supply of materials". This ship was upon the same lot as the dwelling house of Mr. Bassett. Located on the west wide of Main street and about in the center of the village, it was one of the handsomest as well as one of the most eligible sites in town. Part of it is now occupied by the Calvert block and the First National Bank.
        There were sons and daughters in the family of Mr. Bassett, and for over sixty years the family name was represented in the village. Parents and children were distinguished for intelligence and uprightness of character. The eldest son, Wm. H., possessed more than ordinary talent. He spent some years in Philadelphia as a pupil of distinguished artists. He became an accomplished engraver and a member of the Graphic Company located in Hartford, Conn.,  then perhaps the most celebrated company of artists in the United States. He was attractive in person, graceful in manner, winning in conversation and an exquisite humorist. The second son, Abiram L., was a genius in his way, and an acute observer of men, especially of their follies and weaknesses, and luxuriated in fun. Pages might be written of his grotesque operations on the unsuspecting, which are still related with the traditions of that period. One of the daughters married Wm. Randall and another married Samuel Moody Perkins, one of the early attorneys of the village.

In the 1880 census of Berlin, Green Lake County, Wisconsin, Edward Bassett is listed as a hardware merchant.

Advertising Card provided by great-grandson Kendall H. Bassett
Advertising Card provided by great-grandson Kendall H. Bassett

* * * * *

Section 7- Featured Bassett: James Bassett, Court Conjurer

James Bassett descends from the Bassett of Chiddingstone, England as follows:

William Bassett
John Bassett (b. 1509) and wife Joanne
Henry Bassett and wife Joan Vane
Thomas Bassett (b. 1566) and wife Kateryne
Michael Bassett (b. 1602) and wife Ann Killick
John Bassett (b. 1646) and wife Ann Cronke
John Bassett (b. 1695) and wife Elizabeth Saxby
Thomas Bassett (b. 1747) and wife Martha Denman
James Bassett (b. 1799) and wife Ann Davis
James Bassett (b. 1831) and wife Frances Ann Constance Fox
James Bassett (b. 1854).

Charles Bertram was the stage name used by James Bassett.

Pictures and article courtesy of MagicTricks.com
James Bassett/Charles Bertram
Book written about Charles Bertram, The Court Conjurer
Picture of James Bassett/Charles Bertram
Book written about Charles Bertram, The Court Conjurer

(From MagicTricks.com)
Charles Betram

Real Name:       James Bassett
Birthday:        April 26
Birth Country:   England

British magician who was such a favored entertainer of royalty that he was called the “Court Conjurer”. He was, in fact, the favorite perform of King Edward VII.

Charles Bertram was an amateur magician, providing entertainment at charity events, until his wine merchant business went bankrupt in 1883. His skill and charm made his magic career much more successful than his career in sales.

Bertram had a smooth, elegant style that really showcased the tricks he performed. His famous catchphrase, proclaimed after some particularly amazing effect, was “Isn’t it WONDERFUL!”, words that captured both his audience’s and his own enjoyment of the magic.

Like many of his colleagues, Bertram was also a magic innovator. According to Will Goldston in his locked book, Exclusive Magical Secrets, Bertran developed a Walnut Trick worth mentioning.

In 1997, magic historian Edwin Dawes published a biography, Charles Bertram, Court Conjurer. Bertram himself had published an autobiography/magic history in 1896 called Isn’t It Wonderful: A History of Magic and Mystery. He also wrote an account of his adventures, A Magician in Many Lands, which was published in 1911, after his death.

Like a number of famous magicians, Charles Bertram was a member of the Masonic Lodge.

Philadelphia Inquirer, February 14, 1897






James Bassett also known as Charles Bertram

Philadelphia Inquirer, February 14, 1897
James Bassett also known as Charles Bertram

* * * * *

Section 8 - New family lines combined or added since the last newsletter:

        The following family lines have been combined/eliminated since the last newsletter.

405B.   George Bassett of Birmingham, England into the #357B Baskett Family of Quinton, England
476B.   William Stephen Charles White Bassett into the #206B Charles Bassett of High Halden, Kent, England family.
477B.   Daniel Bassett of St. Elli, Llanelly, Wales into the #202B Bassetts of Llanelly, Carmarthenshire, Wales
482B.   Joseph Bessette of Hudson, MA into the #14B Jean Besset of Quebec family.
        The following family lines have been added since the last newsletter.

 476B.  Joseph M. Basset of France and Manitoba, Canada (b. 1857)

 * * * * *

Section 9 - DNA project update:

DNA Results for a Bassett from South Africa are back from the lab. I will report on these results in the newsletter next month.

Donations of any amount can be made to the Bassett DNA project by clicking on the link below. Any funds donated will be used to fund select Bassett DNA tests that will further our project as a whole and benefit all Bassetts worldwide.


This is just a reminder that the DNA portion of the Bassett Family Association can be found at:


A current spreadsheet of results can be found at:


If you don't have Excel and can't open the spreadsheet above, you can now see the DNA test results at the following website.


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